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Solar Eclipse - The Eclipse of the Male

About a year ago, no... actually more than that almost 2 years ago, I predicted the eclipse of the male. The post I wrote back then is here in this link. Read it and also the two more following it. The explain who what happens in the Sky, also happens on Earth.
Read below the whole page from the first post to the very last titled: Solar Eclipse 11 September 2007

Not only the amount of male men is decresing, as it is shown in this article and video here, but the ones who are actually born, are 1 in 165 divided by 4 times 3 times all countries' populations! Do the math idiotic neurotypical world.

The men who are born, might be fewer, but as the Autistic ones whose amount you can figure out using this simple mathematical equation, are far better than their 164 in 165 times all countries' populations counterparts!!!

You lose!!!

Just keep in mind that it happens above it also happens below. This is the Age of Aquarius, the time for the Sun, the Ra to set, the Yang needs a rest. Now it is time for the Moon to rise, the Yin the female, the MOTHER!!!

The Autistic Female is the root and the cause and the reason for Autism. Autistic Females, become Autistic Mothers, who birth Autistic children, 3 in 4 are Autistic MEN!!!

Unless we HEAL the Female, the GYNH in Greek, the daughter of the Earth, GYNH = GHINH, meaning the one born of the Earth, that is of Earth, the one that borns like Earth, creates.

Women, females, mothers, daughters, have lived lives in the shadow on the male, in the shadow of the Sun, the Ra, the Apollo. Now as the Sun is eclipsing, hiding, like it hides at night behind the body of the Earth, and allows the night to come, to allow the rest, the sleep, the healing to come.
Now, humankind is entering the night time, when the Moon is in the sky and the light it sheds is soft and friendly. It is the light for lovers, it is the light of Love. This Love has been gone for a long time from the daily lives of the human kind. We need, we MUST bring it back.

Love will heal the women, the mothers and they will heal their children. Their sons AND their daughters. Love is the water that feeds the Earth and allows things to grow on its surface. It makes even desert, fertile and rich.

This water of Love, the element of Yin will bring the necessary healing in out hearts and bodies, and most importan of all, OUR SOULS!!!!

I have come to awake the asleep and allow them to climb out of the cave that Pluto spoke of, and show them the posibilities beyond the cave walls, the Earthly womb!

The Autistics are the next human evolutionary step, and as such they will inherit the Earth. As much as you will try to eliminate us, wipe out Autism by a so-called cure or chellations, you cannot wipe out what lies within our DNA, our each cell, our bodies. No matter what you do, you can never reach our souls. Our strength, our abilities lie there.

We have a different relationship with our body and our soul than the other human beings. We do not need to search it, look for it with our eyes, because our brains thinks in a different way, it uses the 3-dimensional sense of touch. We thus, touch and feel our souls with our whole body.

That is because we wear the body as a cover of the soul, a shell. Like a pearl that grows with the shell, so grows our soul from all pain we encounter. Pain is what creates the pearl. It is an irritation turned into a jewel!!!

The pearl like Athena who jump out of Zeus' head with its wisdom, carries the wisdom of the shell, the wisdom and genius that created it. Instead of expelling it, it kept it, it nourished it, it caressed it, covering it with each stroke, protecting it and also neutralizing it.

The caressing of the shell, is the MOTHER, Mother of Pearl they call it. The Mother, each mother must learn again how to cover, surround and protect the child in a loving way, so that later in life it has a protective hard and shiny layer like the white substance that covers the pearl, to protect it throughout its life.

The love of the mother builds the outer protective shell of our souls. Without it, we are naked. Now that love has become so scarce, and we are all so thirsty, now comes the night that will cool us and nurish us with Moon dew carried by river and ocean nymphs. The Yin is awakening.
The Pearl is the Moon in the sky. The Mother. The Mother of all Autistics. We are the nocturnal humans, just like bats our senses of sight and hearing are under developed, we see in 2-dimensions, we hear in 2-dimensions, not 3! We do not use Gestalt like the beings that prefer the daylight.

Our bodies are almost invisible, without an armour because our mothers did not touch us, hug us, play with us, hold us, caress us, kissed us enough. Society did NOT ALLOW THEM TO DO THAT!!!

Back in the 70s, when the first solid theories about child raring and childcare were surfacing, many advised mothers to let the child cry and not pick it up every time it cried. The idea was to teach children to interact with the mother in a better way and thus also free the mother of the constant burden of being in physical contact with the child.

What they did not foresee was the longterm effect this kind of childrearing had to the future of mankind. Once mothers learned how to reduce the close interaction time between them and their child by using ways that the industry and science supported as acceptable, no one realized how easy it was to sliep from a little less, to little more less, to even a little bit more less, and less and less physical interaction between mother and child.

Mothers hardly play in a physical way with their children, they hardly touch them compared to the generations before when children where constantly held and carried and breastfed and held some more!

We all know how physical contact heals mental traumas, emotional traumas, psychological traumas, soul traumas. We as human being have become more and more traumatized as individuals because we do NOT RECEIVE ADEQUATE sensory integration with our nearest and dearest, OUR OWN MOTHRERS and last but not least, FATHERS.

We learn to form and shape our Animus and Anima from these major presences in our lives. Their presence and the absence of their presence or their negative presence affects deeply the way we understand both our selves and own gender as well as the orther and opposite gender. We create through these interactions the two streotypes of male and female, animus and anima, Yin and Yang, from our own parents or parental figures.

Yung knew that. But even Yung, got something slightly wrong!

A female forms her Anima not from her mother, but from her FATHER! She sees the male and learns from his interaction with her, what kind of woman is the ideal. The ideal woman is the one that will be a perfect mate to her father. The female will either become that perfect female, the perfect wife to her father if his presence in her life is a positive one, or she will become the exact opposite than what she percieves as the perfect female, the perfect wife to her father if his responce and interaction with her is negative and traumatic.

This means that the anima is shaped by the father in a woman's mind. The animus is shaped by the mother. The ideal man, and husband to the mother becomes the ideal man to the daughter, provided that the mother's presence in the womans' life was and still is a positive one. A negative and traumatic experience will tell the woman that her mother is not happy and will wish to have a male in her own life that will make sure to make her happy, unlike her mother who is not happy!

It is a game of forces, and magnetic fields. The (-) attracts the (+) not another (-). We bocome the force missing from the lives our parents. We become their opposite, their mirror image, or their identical alter ego, their twin depending what we see and perceive that they lack in their lives!

The problem is that most men hardly spend time, real quality time with their daughters. If they do spend time it will be by a wide margin more with thei rsons. The daughter, the growing female is deprived of love, physical contact, love, acceptance, and friendship by her own father.

I have seen and heard so many stories about "wounded" women that I now know how this vicious cycle of unloving has began. From father to daughter, and then from mother to son, from son that then becomes again a father to his daughter and she once a mother to her own son.

Fraud called these the Oedipus and the Electra Simplexers, but they are more than just a situation, it is a basis that has caused us human beings to forget how to love, to truly love with out bodies not just through words, and material gifts!!!

We are now suffering from many sexual frustrations, adding to the lack of love, of closeness and physical tenderness. We are human beings deprived from sensory experiences that cause a bad, almost disasterous sensory integration. We are hungry. Not for food, but for LOVE!!!!

The result in all this spiraling and evolving, is an evolutionary path that leads through an environment, a social environment without love, without compasion, without understanding for each other, for each other's needs, wants, likes and dislikes. We assume we know the other as we know ourselves.

But we do NOT! We hardly know our selves, let alone someone else. How ignorant and arrogant it is to claim we know ourselves when we hide from our selves all that hurts us. We lock it away and throw away the key. We ignore the pain and pretend it does not exist, it NOT there. We refuse to see and hear it so stubbornly that we eventually become blind and deaf to pain. All pain. Everyone's pain. Our OWN pain and . . . worst of all, our own child's PAIN!

We become so immune to pain that we fail to realize how much we have changed our world to very hostile place for our children, how we scare and frighten them by the things we do, because we can't recognize how much these things might hurt, them, us, everyone. Immunity to pain means no exceptions. No one is spared from this.

Immunity to pain, inability to recognize emotions, sexual and emotional frustrations, if you put these all together the end result is the epidemic we all see as Autism! It is not an epidemic though. The human natire has build in our DNA ways for us to evolve and overcome every possible threat that could cause us extinction. The survival of the fittest, means the fittest that can adjust faster and more adequate to the changing environment.

Once society has become a changing environment, turning into a hostile battlefield, the human evolution has brought forth warriors, fighters, hunters, retainers, protectors, organizers, and other highly skilled individuals. These highly skilled individuals are the Autistics. We have a special interest or more special interests. These become our special skills, our specific tools of surviving.

We each have a skill, because we also each have a task. We are here to preserve the Arts. The Arts of Life. We learn something so deeply and widely and totaly that we retain and preserve it. We collect, retain and preserve. From this collection, retainment and preservation we bring forth new ways, new tools, new knowledge. Because we combine it in a different way than the non-Autistics.

We do not use Gestalt. we use the 3-dimensional sense of touch to process our world, our knowledge, our life! We think is a way that is FUNDAMENTALY different than the non-Autistics that they cannot figure us out, they are anable to see what makes us tick, and what motivates our strange and irrational behaviors, our strange and clumsy ways or movement, of speech, of social behavior.

We have been labeled broken, damaged, abnormal. We are forced to follow treatments, interventions, special schooling, socializing, behavioral management and psychoanalytic therapies to become like the rest! It is absurd. No, not just absurd it is vulgar, it is hypocritical and completely rude!

We the Autistics are the ones who gave the world the mathematics, the philosophy that gave birth to science, and now science comes and renders us broken and damaged? How dare you?

Who do you think you are? Who gave you the right to dominate us in such a way? Who told you that the human spieces is one only and one is YOU?

May the one ONLY was and still is US, the AUTISTICS. How do you know it is you and only you? Think again cause time, your time is running out. We know more than you will ever be able to see and hear with your limited imagination.

Leave us Autistics alone. If you continue in this path you will be destrying your own humankind future. We are more skilled than you are and if you change us, you will not win. We know your weaknesses, and we knwo our strengths. You know our weaknesses and ypou also know your weaknesses. You have no idea what your strengths are, and even you know our's.

If an Autistic is bullied he will be tolerant many times of the pain you cause him, until one day he will strike back. He will strike back with such force that the hit will be fatal. This is because we look and see, we observe and record. We know the other's weakness because we also know our own. We do not hide our weaknesses, we do not lock them away. We carry them on us, what we feel is what we show, our emotionas are naked not hidden. Our joy is visible and so is our pain. If you look well you will see it.

But you can't see it. You are immune, blind to pain. Your own and everyone else's. We, on the other hand acknowledge our own, and therefore also everyone else's. We are hypersensitive. No. We are not hypersensitive, YOU ARE HYPOSENSITIVE, you are immune, numb, senseless. We are fine. It is the instruments that you mearure with that cause the misconception. You ASSUME that your hyposensitivity is the norm. Everything above that norm is hypersensitive.
Too bad you failed to notice that the scale is incorrect. Our hypersensitivity is the norm and you all fall far below our standards. Guess who is broken and needs fixing, guess who need social training and humanly acceptable skills? Not us, I can assure that.

The time has come to heal the world. We the skilled Artists will show you how, we will teach you how to change your hyposensitivity for a sensitivity that is up to standards, not ours or yours but OURS. We need to learn to accept each other as each is, who each is, what each is. We need to learn again SELFLESS LOVE!!!

donderdag 27 november 2008

Autism and Neurotypicality – Simply a Difference of Dimensions

An Article By Perla Messina / Illustration by Perla Messina


Throughout the human history our body has been evolving in an invisible way, by recording and reproducing the last necessary adrenaline level needed to survive the last recorded threat.

To ensure a margin of error the human body not only reproduces the last recorded amount, but adds to that to enlarge its chances for survival. This means that with each generation the highest level of adrenaline produced by the mother’s body is carried over to the fetus through the mitochondria that the fetus inherits from the mother.

That level becomes the basic survival tool kit in the offspring’s life. This means that each generations is equipt with the memory of the last generations highest adrenaline levels, and the possibility to add on this levels and increase them as needed. The offspring’s own adrenaline levels will depend on the basic level it inherited from the mother plus the additional amount that his/her body feels is necessary as a margin of error. The highest recorded level will then become the basic level for the next generation.

This means that with each generation the adrenaline level seen as basic grow exponentially resulting in what Dr. Baron-Cohen found today as the greatly elevated adrenaline levels in fetuses and amniotic fluid!

Besides this evolutionary change in our bodies, another change occurs that is also invisible. This change occurs in the brain. The brain, as it develops within the womb, has the ability to know and recognize the sort of environment that the species will be born in through several factors, that reach the fetus through the mother's body. These factors are processed in the mothers body and their effect passes through the umbilical cord and affects the fetus, as well.

- The mother's diet (research shows that the kind of nutrition that the mother uses can affect the fetus’ gender and possibly also other parameters to ensure better abilities of survival),
- The mother's stress levels. The higher the adrenaline level, through higher stress levels the more the fetus will assume that the surrounding environment where the fetus will be born, is hostile and the more fit the fetus needs to be/become to ensure its own survival.
- The mother's pregnancy, gestation and delivery. This period will be combined with the nutrition and stress levels information to give the fetus the full (three dimensional) picture of what kind of survival tools it needs to have in the form of brain and muscle development to ensure it is fit –if not the fittest–to survive within the environment that it's being born!

What happens in the case of what we call “Autism”?

The diet is affected. The mother of an Autistic, research has shown is most probably also Autostic, and Autistics show an increased preference for foods that contain carbohydrates (sweets, pasta, bread, etc). These foods indicate that the Autistic body is made to consume and produce higher energy levels. The mother will consume these foods and then feel guilty for gaining weight because of the image of a thin woman brandmarked on all women by society. Her diet will change in ways that are unnatural. She will over eat, feel guilty and undereat, feel she is harming the fetus and overeat again and so on.

The stress levels. The higher stress levels produce also higher adrenaline levels, and these show that the Autistic body is capable of increased muscle strength, speed, reduced pain ability, hypersensitivity of the senses (all tools necessary for battle). The higher adrenaline levels have told the fetus that the environment where it's being born is increasingly hostile!!!

Gestation and delivery. The traumatic experience of birth is broadened by thses events since most women with Autism (due to increased adrenaline levels in their own bodies), suffer from complications during gestation that are based on hormonal imbalances, difficult pregnancies, and other gynecological problems. These imbalanced add to the stress levels, alter the diet (binge eating, anorexia, etc), create false alarms of near birth that are recorded by the fetus as a “get ready to be born” alarm that cause the fetus to become slowly immune to such alarms by frequent and repeated exposure. When the time of birth comes the fetus’ immunity to the "get ready to be born" stress, adds to the difficulties and duration of the delivery, creating yet another cause for stress for both mother and child.

Where do all these lead? To a species that is evolving to survive an increased hostile environment! The children born are “ready for battle” and instinctively know that danger lures behind every corner. The primary need for such a brain born ready for battle is to learn how to survive as fast as it can. Speed learning is the key for survival of the fittest when one is born without claws, fangs, and wings!

The Human Brain and its Learning Ability

The human brain is set to learn through the senses. With a priority to the senses of sight and hearing. These senses in the Neurotypical brain take a great deal of space and surface within the brain and use most of the brain’s processing capacity because they are 2-dimensional, while the surrounding environment is 3-dimensional. Each eye and ear sends information in the brain that needs to be processed and combined with an ability that we call Gestalt. The brain takes the data in receives from the eyes and ears that is 2-dimensional and turns them into 3-dimensional using the ability of Gestalt! This is a long and time consuming process, when it comes to a brain that is set for a constant battle with its environment.

The increased levels of adrenaline in the Autistic brain have the following effect. Instead of using the sense sight and hearing as the primary collectors of information and then processing this 2-dimentional information with Gestalt to produce a 3-dimensional image of the environment, the brain changes its primary sense for data collection to a more efficient one that does not need the Gestalt processing to turn info into 3-dimensional. From all our senses, there is one that is 3-dimensional WITHOUT THE NEED of Gestalt to make it such!

The sense of touch is the ONLY primary sense that is 3-dimensional without the need of processing, without the need of Gestalt. This sense offers a more direct and faster, much faster collector of data that tells the brain about the environment. The Autistic brain unlike the Neurotypical brain does NOT use the sense of sight and hearing as primary, but the SENSE OF TOUCH!!!!!!!

This sense of touch acts as a basis upon which ALL other 2-dimensional senses come to add details, such as images, sounds, tastes, and smells. There is one catch in this way of brain processing: The more the 3-dimensional sense of touch is underdeveloped (limited sensory integration) the more the supplementary 2-dimensional senses of sight, hearing, smell and taste cannot find enough or adequate space on this basis to stand upon therefore creating a sense of hypersensitivity, a brain overload that is due to this inadequate space.

The way I can describe this is like a limited patch of ground where an increasing amount of trees needs to grow, resulting in a sort of overgrown jungle, where all plants mingle so wildly that no one can tell where they begin and where they end.

This is why sensory integration is so important to the Autistic brain when it comes to aiding the other 2-dimensional senses that also assist the learning ability of the Autistic brain. A limited sensory integration is based on several factors:

- The mother’s increased stressful life and limited time to spend with baby/child. Mothers that used to breast feed until the child was 3 or 4 years old, had to also hold the child while breast feeding. Modern methods and the use of a bottle, has freed mothers from having to hold their children as long or as often that before. Unfortunately, this decrease in “holding time” has limited the child’s developing brain and its need for sensory integration through the sense of touch.
- The mother’s own sexual life has changed. More and more couples suffer from sexual problems that are based of the stress and increasing demands of society. These result to the following paradox. The less sexual satisfaction, the less love, and the less touch (sensory integration) the mother receives from her male partner, the less she will give to her child. The incorrect assumption that the female is capable to produce never-ending amounts of affection and love is a myth that is causing the human race great damage. The female is a vessel that needs to be filled with “love” in order to give love. The less love it receives from her environment the less it is able to give to her offspring.
- The male dominated society’s effect on women, and subsequently mothers, by turning them into carbon copies of their male counterparts in their battle for survival in a society whose norms are set by the male needs and abilities. The female intuition is ridiculed, the female emotional fluctuations and seemingly instability that results from the female monthly cycle of hormones is seen as a weakness instead of the strength it actually is, and the female need for respect and full equality in decision-making is still very limited compared to male’s.

All of the above, construct a picture that Fraud once called the “refrigerator mother” yet, while it is not the female’s own fault but a result of the need for survival with a society that has rejected her specific abilities and needs, the result is the SAME!

Today’s women are less capable to give their child the kind of love that their child needs from them. The kind of love that involves lengthy amounts of touching, hugging, holding, embracing, caressing, etc. In the increasingly busy lives of women such lengthy processes of tactile and sensory diet are a sheer luxury and the choices these women have are shaped by the pressure they themselves receive from their HOSTILE environment. An environment that makes ever increasing demands on them, that allows their female nature less and less freedom and acceptance. This is environment that dictates the kind of evolution that is needed and will be set forth by each generation, to ensure that the next time round the tables are turned.

The more hostile the environment is, has become and will become for women and their specific, biological, sensory, and hormonal needs, the more their bodies will produce offspring that will be set to survive, conquer and change this seemingly hostile environment by having brains that evolved from a 2-dimentional learning mode and process to a 3-dimentional learning mode and process to ensure not only that their fronts are covered in their daily battle for survival, but also their BACKS!!!

The 3-Dimentional Autistic Brain and its Abilities and Disabilities

The Autistic brain freed from the extra load of Gestalt processing is now able to use it’s abilities in a way that is more efficient and energy-saving. A warrior that needs to survive in a hostile environment cannot waste neither time nor energy in trivial matters.

Thus, the Autistic brain by using the 3-dimensional sense of touch is able to expand its focus on other areas that offer better protection and more chances for survival. This expansion includes two areas. One is the area of systemizing, very well defined and explained by Dr. Baron-Cohen. This is the pure “male” brain function that helps to categorize the environment and label it accordingly as friendly or dangerous, enhancing the ability to recognize what patterns work better towards survival and which do not.

Besides this pure “male” brain, there is another function that is present. This function has been obscured, disregarded and discredited by science. This ability is that of the pure “female” brain, the ability to sense, using intuition, extraordinary sensitivity, even telepathy. This ability works almost as the sonar, that allows bats to fly safely in the darkness and hunt their equally flying prey of insects.

Autistics call this ability the “Tool” and works almost in the same fashion as a radio antenna picking up radio waves from the ether. The “Tool” is a sensation, a "voice" warning us and protecting us like a beam of light that “touches” and senses the space and time in front of us . Because our brain works in 3-dimensions, it is capable to handle time and space in a different way than the Neurotypical brain. Not in the linear 2-dimensional way that the Neurotypical mind does, but in a 3-dimensional way where time and space are endless and everlasting, encompassed within a sphere, the sphere of the universe, where nothing is wasted or lost and all exists eternally freed from the linear 2-dimensional way of thinking that holds the Neurotypical mind bonded in a linear past, present and future.

The abilities of the Autistic brain are not limitless. Unfortunately, while the 3-dimensional sense of touch, gives us certain abilities the other 4 senses lack in abilities in an equal way. Our vision and hearing suffer without the use of Gestalt and the information flows in our brain is fragmented and in myriads of pieces, exposing all details we see and hear in a flat 2-dimensional way that overloads our brain, as it tries to connect these 2-dimensional information not to each other as a brain that uses Gestalt would, but to the existing 3-dimensional basis of the sense of touch.

This automatically means that we have difficulty differentiating sounds that are near from sounds that are far, objects that are near and objects that are far, seeing depth requires Gestalt and our brains do not have that ability. That is why we are clumsy as infants and young children. It is not our body that is clumsy, but our body’s movement when it comes to its relationship to the objects we see and hear around us. It is more difficult for a child with Autism to learn the distance between our body and all other objects that surround it because our eyes are not able to see the depth of field in the same way as the eyes of Neurotypical child!

In some ways, this lack of depth of field makes us fearless because it does not arouse in our brains the typical response of fear as the same input would in a brain that operates mainly on the sense of vision and hearing. Our clumsiness of movement is the symptom of a brain that learns to relate as a WHOLE to its environment through the 3-dimensional sense of touch instead of the 2-dimensional (plus Gestalt) way that the Neurotypical brain uses. Once we learn to relate to distance, speed, movement through the sensation of OUR WHOLE BODY, through the input that enters our brain from the whole surface of our bodies, aided by the less able senses or sight and hearing, we learn to function within our environment as well as the Neurotypicals.

The ways we use to learn and master this ability also follows a different path than the Neurotypical brain. Through stereotypical movements of body, hands, head, and legs/feet, through the waving of hands in front of our eyes, through the rotation of objects within our visual field we teach our eyes to see and recognize the changes in depth of field that we cannot other wise see!

That is also why we do poorly in sports, we cannot catch a ball not because our body is clumsy or slow but because OUR EYES MISJUDGE THE DISTANCE between our hands and the ball!!! The reason we can’t separate sounds whether they are near or far, or whether they are the voice of a person standing next to us and a person in a room next door is based on the same principle and problem. Our brain takes the input from our eyes and ears as 2-dimensional and keeps in as such instead of turning it into a 3-dimensional. Without Gestalt our sight and hearing is as flat and linear as flat can be. We use the WHOLE body sensation to create the 3-dimensions we need out of these senses.

Many of us find ways to learn depth through different activities. I used to bounce a ball against a wall, for hours and hours until I could successfully coordinate my eyes to see the correct distance and tell my hands where to aim and catch the ball. Some others will use different sports or hobbies like origami, that takes a flat surface and creates a 3-D image teaching the eyes, through the movement of the hands (the 3-dimensional sense of touch) how to recognize and record the depth of field within space.

Autism and Neurotypicality, the two Human Species

Unlike all other species we believe that humans are all the same. They are not. Our lives have once been spread out over wide open spaces, allowing each of the two kinds to roam free and live in peace and harmony with the other. In many cases we used each other’s specific abilities to our benefit, by recognizing that some of us had abilities others did not have, recognizing that some could see possibilities where the others could not!

The two species now live piled up together in closed spaces, in over-populated areas and within a system of laws and rules that does not take into consideration our specific differences. We are like the two sides of a coin that is now lying flat on one side, hiding the other. The hidden side is what was diagnosed many years ago as Autism. Autism is not a dysfunction of the brain, nor it is an abnormality of the human development. It is a basic but fundamental difference. A difference of how our brains is built and how it functions.

The Autistics, as they have been labeled, think in 3-dimensions using as primary sense the sense of touch and the tactile input we receive.Our other senses like that sense of sight and hearing function less well because our brain does not use Gestalt (or if it does, it uses it in a very limited and almost dysfunctional way). Thus, our brain sees the forest, with its 3-D basis and then engages our other 2-dimensional senses to see the details and add them to that basis. This allows us to notice details more easily, see tiny differences that would otherwise go unnoticed, disengage parts for better and deeper learning. Our brains need to do this microscopic observation because they are set to function in a hostile environment and even the tiny difference can be proven lethal.

The Neurotypicals, as the Autistics have labeled those who labeled them, think in 2-dimensions using as primary senses the sense of sight and hearing, adding to these the sense of touch, which is the basis of Gestalt since the tactile input creates the holographic or holistic connection of all the 2-dimensional input coming into the brain from the eyes and ears. This means that the Neurotypical brain sees the details first and then combines them together to see the whole. Seeing the forest instead of engaging in the details of trees allows the Neurotypical brain to gather a different set of information about its environment, and relate to it in a different way. T
he Neurotypical brain it is set to function in a non-hostile environment, and see and recognize safety as a given.

I call this difference the difference between the hunter and the herd.

The Autistic brain is that of the hunter, set to recognize differences that will help it seek out and “contact” the ones it sees as fit for its survival. We stand aside and observe, seeking to find specific traits in the others around us, before we seek contact. A good hunter knows when to “attack” and when not. A wrong move can result to an injury that can render the hunter useless, and unable to hunt any longer. This will lead to a certain death. Eventhough we hunt, we do not hunt to kill. We hunt to connect.

We seek and search to find others similar to us, or with traits complimentary to us, to connect and add these traits to ours. More traits, equals more tools, and more tools equals better survival. We are the hunters of fellowship, of friendship and of human contact. We do not herd, we co-operate as an equal with an equal. That is why we are very selective with whom we will co-operate and create a collective of traits and tools, of abilities and interests. This co-operation MUST have a solid basis on equality and respect between the parts that form it. Only under such circumstances can a co-operation be in perfect balance!

The Neurotypical is that of the herd that finds safety in groups, in numbers, in uniformity, ignoring (willingly or not the differences) to ensure homogeneity within the group it belongs. Within the homogenous group, the Neurotypicals also seek traits of similarities and differences. Here the reason is very different. In a herd, not all members can be equal. The Neurotypical brain seeks the 3-dimentionality within the 2-dimentional herd, by creating a hierarchy within the group. The way the Neurotypical herding brain connect is not that of equality but of dominance, of levels and castes.

This model has shaped our existing society and has become the primary way of acceptable behavior. In a homogenous group, hierarchy is based on details that show each other the position of the person on the hierarchy ladder. Wealth and possessions, objects of luxury, fashionable clothes, a fancy car, attributes equally important as the intellectual markings of degrees, titles, positions, and the respect these bring. All these are the necessary attributes that mark the hierarchical position of the holder and separete him from the rest of the herd.

To the Autistic brain such attributes seem trivial and useless, while for the Neurotypical brain the behaviors we need to develop our brains seem stereotypical and equally useless. The two kinds of the Human species have turned their backs to each other, and are dominating one the other. What is normal has been established by the ones who hold the hierarchy, leaving the other, the Autistics at their mercy, while they are no less abnormal than the Neurotypicals the Autistics are now used as prey to feed the herds ever increasing hunger for wealth, domination, and power. The herd has now become a pack of hyenas and the hunters lonely lions at the mercy of the hyenas' feeding frenzy. For how long more?

Perla Messina, one of the Autistics who is tired of the wrong picture Science has of us.

woensdag 26 november 2008

The Idiot Scientist Syndrome (ISS)

To some psychiatric patients, life seems like TV

By JENNIFER PELTZ, Associated Press Writer Jennifer Peltz, Associated Press Writer – Mon Nov 24, 6:36 pm ET

NEW YORK – One man showed up at a federal building, asking for release from the reality show he was sure was being made of his life.
Another was convinced his every move was secretly being filmed for a TV contest. A third believed everything — the news, his psychiatrists, the drugs they prescribed — was part of a phony, stage-set world with him as the involuntary star, like the 1998 movie "The Truman Show."

Researchers have begun documenting what they dub the "Truman syndrome," a delusion afflicting people who are convinced that their lives are secretly playing out on a reality TV show. Scientists say the disorder underscores the influence pop culture can have on mental conditions.

"The question is really: Is this just a new twist on an old paranoid or grandiose delusion ... or is there sort of a perfect storm of the culture we're in, in which fame holds such high value?" said Dr. Joel Gold, a psychiatrist affiliated with New York's Bellevue Hospital.

Within a two-year period, Gold said he encountered five patients with delusions related to reality TV. Several of them specifically mentioned "The Truman Show."

Gold and his brother, a psychologist, started presenting their observations at medical schools in 2006. After word spread beyond medical circles this summer, they learned of about 50 more people with similar symptoms. The brothers are now working on a scholarly paper.

Meanwhile, researchers in London described a "Truman syndrome" patient in the British Journal of Psychiatry in August. The 26-year-old postman "had a sense the world was slightly unreal, as if he was the eponymous hero in the film," the researchers wrote.

The Oscar-nominated movie stars Jim Carrey as Truman Burbank. He leads a merrily uneventful life until he realizes his friends and family are actors, his seaside town is a TV soundstage and every moment of his life has been broadcast.

His struggle to sort out reality and illusion is heartwarming, but researchers say it's often horrifying for "Truman syndrome" patients.

A few take pride in their imagined celebrity, but many are deeply upset at what feels like an Orwellian invasion of privacy. The man profiled in the British journal was diagnosed with schizophrenia and is unable to work. One of Gold's patients planned to commit suicide if he couldn't leave his supposed reality show.

Delusions can be a symptom of various psychiatric illnesses, as well as neurological conditions such as Parkinson's and Alzheimer's diseases. Some drugs also can make people delusional.

It's not unusual for psychiatrists to see delusional patients who believe their relatives have been replaced by impostors or who think figures in their lives are taking on multiple disguises.

But "Truman" delusions are more sweeping, involving not just some associates but society at large, Gold said.

Delusions tend to be classified by broad categories, such as the belief that one is being persecuted, but research has shown culture and technology can also affect them. Several recent studies have chronicled delusions entwined with the Internet such as a patient in Austria who believed she had become a walking webcam.

Reality television may help such patients convince themselves their experiences are plausible, according to the Austrian woman's psychiatrists, writing in the journal Psychopathology in 2004.

Ian Gold, a philosophy and psychology professor at McGill University in Montreal who has researched the matter with his brother, suggests reality TV and the Web, with their ability to make strangers into intimates, may compound psychological pressure on people who have underlying problems dealing with others.

That's not to say reality shows make healthy people delusional, "but, at the very least, it seems possible to me that people who would become ill are becoming ill quicker or in a different way," Ian Gold said.

Other researchers aren't convinced, but still find the "Truman syndrome" an interesting example of the connection between culture and mental health.

Vaughan Bell, a psychologist who has researched Internet-related delusions, said one of his own former patients believed he was in the virtual-reality universe portrayed in the 1999 blockbuster "The Matrix."

"I don't think that popular culture causes delusions," said Bell, who is affiliated with King's College London and the Universidad de Antioquia in Medellin, Colombia. "But I do think that it is only possible to fully understand delusions and psychosis in light of our wider culture."


My comments:

And "tah tah" Scientists have come up with yet a NEW disorder!!!! What about the Idiot Scientist Syndrome or ISS for short does that count as a new (new??? not new at all but OK) disorder???


What will it take for idiots like these two brother SCIENTISTS to start realizing all that AUTISM is and ALL that Autism includes.

And this specific issue is soooooooo within the autism framework!!!

Our lives as Autistics ARE the ones that are shown daily on TV, we Autistics and our clumsy social skills, our tendency to take things said LITERALLY, our naivity when it comes to others' motives and hidden agendas, our somewhat oldfashioned way of drerssing and low-key profiles, our stubborn need for routine and anger when it is disturbed, our need to engage in interesys outside the "fashionable" range, our want for collecting things that seem useless to others... ALL that is what what makes COMEDY on TV!!! We the autistics and OUR behavior is what is shown as COMEDY on TV, on movies, on comic strips.

WE are the laughing stock of a society that hardly understands us, that ignores our abilities but promotes all our negative traits, that ridicules us publicly exploiting our behavior as the "clumsy, asocial, weirdo" or the "idiotic, superhero, nerd" or what ever else it needs and wants to make out of how we behave within a group, to feed its comedy needs.

How many times have I not sat watching TV and thought "Oh my gosh!", if you look at what makes people laugh, it is exactly what an AUTISTIC person would do in this specific or ANY similar situation like the one they depict right here on this comedy show!!!

It's not psychiatric patients that think their life is like TV, but it is TV that USES their lives as Autistics to shape and form a model, a character for their comedy shows!!!

Is it strange that some autistic postman, or some other autistic person watches a show and feels his whole life has been (secretly) recorded and played out on TV??? NOOOO!!!!

It is also not strange that Scientists who presumably think they are smart and so very intelligent to "disover" a new disorder, turn out to have the Idiot Scientist Syndrome (ISS)??? NOOOO!!!

Is it strange that society is reluctant to see and realize what exactly is going on under its nose and what effect this all has on people's lives??? NOOOO!!!

Is it strange that many Autistic people like these who complaint about having their lives on TV end up as psychiatric patients drugged and tied up in a psychirtric ward??? NOOOO!!!

Will you get mad if I tell you that it is society who is the greatest and most AUTISTIC and we all suffer from the side effects . . . . .

woensdag 8 oktober 2008

How Autistics were cheated out of Autism!!!

Autism efforts go global at U.N. forum

NEW YORK (CNN) -- Seeking to make the world of autism a little smaller, members of the international diplomatic community gathered Friday at the United Nations World Focus on Autism.

Ban Soon-taek, wife of U.N. Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon, addresses the autism forum.

"Not too long ago, those affected by autism-related disorders were set aside, placed in institutions, or dismissed as untreatable lost cases," explains Ban Soon-taek, chair of the Forum and wife of U.N. Secretary General Ban Ki-moon. "Today, sadly this reality is still prevalent in some parts of the world."

Ban called for the professional community and society as a whole to become more involved, compassionate and accepting of this complex condition and stressed the importance of early intervention for every child in the world who lives with autism.
CNN's Chief International Correspondent Christiane Amanpour moderated the event, prompting first ladies, medical experts and the international community to address the challenges inherent in globalizing the fight against autism. The event was co-chaired by U.S. first lady Laura Bush, who did not attend, and Madame Dorrit Moussaieff, first lady of Iceland.

Autism Speaks, an advocacy group created to fund research into the causes, treatments and effective diagnostic tools for autism, presented the program. The group's past efforts led to the U.N. General Assembly's adoption of April 2 as World Autism Awareness Day. It is only the third disease to be given an officially observed day by the
U.N., following diabetes and AIDS. The group's current global initiatives aim to provide more trained professionals to diagnose and provide effective early interventions, and for collaboration between countries to conduct more epidemiological studies.

In the United States, 1 in 150 people are estimated to have an autism spectrum-related disorder. Geraldine Dawson, chief science officer of Autism Speaks, estimates the condition is a greater burden on our resources than type 1 diabetes, childhood leukemia and cystic fibrosis combined, costing Americans more than $90 billion annually. For families, she points out, the cost is immeasurable.

On a global scale, however, autism rates are largely unknown, because of a lack of research and reliable epidemiological studies and a relative lack of awareness surrounding the condition, Dawson told CNN.

The dearth of
autism education leads to another global obstacle: social stigma surrounding the disease.

And that is why they allow Autism Speak to speak instead of the Autistics themselves!!! WHO exactly is creating the social stigma and WHO is supporting it??? Obviously the UN is not paying any attention to such details.

In an interview with CNN, Vivian Fernandez de Torrijos, honorary co-chair and wife of Panamanian president Martin Torrijos, said lack of awareness and social stigma are part of the reason autism is diagnosed later in life in Latin America.

Panamanians "don't think that it's a syndrome. They don't have any idea about it because we need more education on what autism is."

At the event, Torrijos discussed the need for more programs such as the Pan American Autism Awareness Initiative, an international collaboration between Autism Speaks and North, South and Central America, first announced in May 2008. The initiative's first purpose is focused on increasing awareness among health professionals and parents alike.

Another international collaboration brought about by Autism Speaks and championed at the U.N. event is the Shafallah Center for Children with Special needs in Doha, Qatar. In April 2008 the Shafallah Center, under the patronage of the Qatari Emir's wife Sheikha Moza Bint Nasser Bin Abdullah Al-Missned, joined efforts with Autism Speaks to raise autism awareness in Qatar and the rest of the Middle East.

Suzanne Wright, co-founder of Autism Speaks, characterized the growing number of global initiatives as a sign that identifying a cause and cure for the disorder is potentially on the horizon. "Autism speaks," she says, "and finally the world is listening."

Yes, the world is listening to the non-autistics who think that they can speak for the Autistics! It is listening but to the WRONG PEOPLE. The kind of people that USE the fact that autism is still a social stigma, to push Autistics aside and speak for them, receive the money UN gives for them, use the money UN gives instead of them, and in other words continue to create a billion-dollar factory out of autism. Well done Autism Speaks, well done UN morons!!!

zondag 21 september 2008

How to put what I've already said into Scientific Blah Blah...

... whithout any real explanation of the when this happens, how this happens and what is the purpose of this happening. To me this is just another way of saying we see what it it, but how the heck it came to be, is a huge mystery!

Well, it is not surprising, because is completely blind and deaf. It is headless. It is a headless blind and deaf creature that all it can do is grope in the dark and silence! It pokes and scans, it tests and researches, but it is still blind and deaf. It does NOT know. One needs eyes and ears to be able to see and hear and know. It needs a head, a brain, a mind, a spirit.

This article was posted in the Aspie Women's group. Thought I'd share.

The Intense World Syndrome - an alternative hypothesis for autism

Henry Markram, Tania Rinaldi and Kamila Markram; Brain Mind Institute, Ecole Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne,Switzerland

Review Editors: Joseph LeDoux, Center for Neural Science, New YorkUniversity, USA Jacqueline N. Crawley, Laboratory of Behavioral Neuroscience, National Institute of Mental Health, USA

Autism is a devastating neurodevelopmental disorder with apolygenetic predisposition that seems to be triggered by multipleenvironmental factors during embryonic and/or early postnatal life.

While significant advances have been made in identifying the neuronalstructures and cells affected, a unifying theory that could explainthe manifold autistic symptoms has still not emerged. Based on recentsynaptic, cellular, molecular, microcircuit, and behavioral resultsobtained with the valproic acid (VPA) rat model of autism, we proposehere a unifying hypothesis where the core pathology of the autisticbrain is hyper-reactivity and hyper-plasticity of local neuronalcircuits.

Such excessive neuronal processing in circumscribedcircuits is suggested to lead to hyper-perception, hyper-attention,and hyper-memory, which may lie at the heart of most autisticsymptoms. In this view, the autistic spectrum are disorders of hyper-functionality, which turns debilitating, as opposed to disorders ofhypo-functionality, as is often assumed. We discuss how excessiveneuronal processing may render the world painfully intense when theneocortex is affected and even aversive when the amygdala isaffected, leading to social and environmental withdrawal.

Excessiveneuronal learning is also hypothesized to rapidly lock down theindividual into a small repertoire of secure behavioral routines thatare obsessively repeated. We further discuss the key autisticneuropathologies and several of the main theories of autism and re-interpret them in the light of the hypothesized Intense WorldSyndrome.

And??? What is this crap??? Why are you just telling us something we all adult autistics already know and keep telling you??? You idiots, what is knew???

donderdag 18 september 2008

Not a Team Player? No kidding...

Asperger syndrome: 'Bosses say I'm not a team player'


(Photo caption: Danny and his mother Paula)
Danny Hancock has a brilliant mind but can't hold down a job. Sheryl Moore talks to him and his mother about changing workplace attitudes to Asperger syndrome

Surrounded by a pile of well-thumbed science journals and maths textbooks, Danny Hancock comes alive. The 22-year-old enthuses at length about the Swiss mathematician Leonhard Euler and his French contemporary, Pierre de Fermat.

"Fermat's Last Theorem," he muses. "Now that's an interesting one." For a moment he makes eye contact with me - perhaps believing he has found an intellectual sparring partner - and he's off. It's hard to get a word in edgeways as he talks excitedly about his hopes of becoming a mathematician.

But ask Danny, who was diagnosed with Asperger syndrome (AS) earlier this year, about getting a job and he becomes subdued: "Employers don't seem to want people with disabilities like mine. They say I'm not a team player and haven't got the right skills for the workplace."

Help for children who suffer from autism, whose cause is thought to be a mixture of genetic and environmental factors, and AS has dramatically improved in recent years. Yet once those children grow up, that help often evaporates, according to the National Autistic Society (NAS), despite the fact that one in 100 adults and children in Britain is thought to have some form of autism.

Without basic life skills such as knowing how to pay bills or follow office etiquette, the society says large numbers are trapped in their homes feeling hopeless and isolated.

Asperger syndrome is on the high-functioning end of the autism spectrum, which ranges from those who live relatively normal lives to those who may not be able to communicate at all. AS sufferers, however, tend to have above-average intelligence.

Like all people with autism, they may still find it difficult to communicate with others and process information - for example they may be unable to make eye contact, read facial expressions correctly or understand jokes or sarcasm - but they do not usually have the learning disabilities, such as dyslexia and dyspraxia, which are associated with autism.

It was Danny's increasingly alarming behaviour which finally prompted his mother Paula, 44, from Stockport, to seek help last year. "He was having more and more temper tantrums which often resulted in him throwing things," she says. "He was also locking himself in his room and refusing to engage in any form of conversation, but what was really worrying was the fact that he was storming out of the house and going missing."

Paula, a single mother to Danny and his 18-year-old brother David, says Danny's problems started at an early age. "By three he could barely say any recognisable words and had almost made up his own language," she says.

"As the years progressed, Danny's speech improved and he was regularly seen by a therapist. But he was never invited to birthday parties and didn't have any himself because he had no playmates to invite - it was heartbreaking."

By the time he was 13, his school suggested that Danny was evaluated by a psychologist. Paula says the report revealed that Danny was on the 93rd centile for intelligence, but only on the eighth in terms of his social skills.

"I was handed the report but didn't really know what it meant," she says. "I wasn't given much explanation apart from the fact that there are only seven per cent of people in the country more intelligent than Danny, and that he was an anti-social child."

While most parents would be thrilled to be told their son was intelligent - Paula admits she was "very proud" - she says nobody explained that the low score for his social skills was cause for concern. "I wasn't offered any help or advice," she says. "Danny's school offered to help with exam training, but Danny was being bullied, and didn't want to be singled out."

Danny went on to pass a set of GCSEs, gaining an A in maths, and then achieved three grade Cs at A-level in maths, physics and chemistry. Yet despite this success, since leaving school he has only had a couple of part-time administration jobs.

He is on leave from his current job after a frustrated outburst led him to kick boxes around the office. "There was the mother of all mail-outs," says Danny. "There was a better way of doing it but nobody would listen to me."

"Danny has extreme difficulty in engaging in casual conversation," adds Paula. "He also refuses to make eye contact and finds it hard to communicate what he is thinking, unless the conversation is about maths, science or his third fascination in life - the Irish band The Corrs... [But] his intelligence is being overlooked. Employers need to wake up and see the enormous potential people like Danny, have to offer."

This untapped potential among adults with AS and autism - only 2 per cent are in full-time employment - caused the NAS to launch its "I Exist" campaign this year to call for more help.

It says many sufferers struggle to find work simply because they don't know how to conduct themselves in interviews - or if they are in education, may lack the concentration to take notes in lectures. A large number are confined to living with their parents because they haven't mastered basic life skills such as going to the supermarket.

Norman Darwin, the employment co-ordinator at Prospects, which provides training and advice for those with autism and AS, says it is often with the "unwritten rules" of office life where problems arise. "One extremely talented computer-aided designer with AS was having problems with his colleagues simply because he'd never made a cup of coffee at work - which after 15 years was causing resentment," he explains.

"His logic was that if somebody was making coffee, why did he need to? And of course, nobody had told him it was part of the office etiquette. Once I explained to him that he needed to make the coffee once a week, it was resolved."

Darwin adds that those with AS often display inappropriate behaviour such as walking out of meetings before they have finished or being too honest with the boss.

"The logic for someone with AS is if they are in a meeting and have said what they need to say, they reason: why bother staying in the meeting?" he says. "Also they are extremely honest. Often it can be the 'do you like my dress?' situation: when a diplomatic answer is required they cause offence with their colleagues by answering with inappropriate candour."

Prospects, which has offices in London, Glasgow, Sheffield, Leeds and Manchester, helps AS sufferers to write a CV, prepare for interviews, and gives advice on basic office skills. It works directly with employers to find job opportunities which match the skills of the candidate with AS and can assign a support worker to help the new employee break down tasks into easily manageable chunks.

Around 300 people are currently being supported. Darwin adds that people with autism and AS can excel at their jobs and with the right guidance and support can be invaluable members of the workforce. "They tend to be extremely focused and dedicated, and are also very reliable, trustworthy and honest - all of which are attributes that employers look for."

Back in Stockport, Danny is certainly honest about his own dreams and talents. Resuming eye contact with me, he says: "I truly believe that - given the chance - I could become one of the greatest mathematicians of our time."

maandag 21 juli 2008

How Ignorance Becomes Harmfull in the Name of Profit!

I received an email reading:

Hi, my name is Litsa Kamateros. I live in Montreal Quebec ,Canada. I am embarking on a project with my co-writer Lea Schizas on the subject of autism. Throughout the upcoming book you'll read personal accounts from parents and teachers from across Canada and the world, and how they've fought to try to get funding for their children. Their stories need to be told and heard.

Change is not only needed in Canada, as we discovered but through the entire world. "Autism Epidemic: Shaking the System" is dedicated to all who have physically and mentally challenged their governments to bring about a quicker assessment time for their child, and help defray the costs for therapy that ensues.

Our intent is to bring about awareness and a voice to help them battle this indifference by many in the higher ranks. The cry of the parents of autistic children: "Help us help our children."Think of "Autism Epidemic" as your "Personal Reflections of the Autistic Soul."

We want your stories told, we want to help you bring your voice the world,we want our readers to hear what you have to say and possibly unite in a greater voice for change across the world.

Please spread the word to people all over Greece that are suffering and who might want to share their stories in our upcoming book. We must all unite world wide to make a difference for our families and our beautiful children. By the way I have seen your e-mail on Autism Vox. Thanks once again, and please spread the word about our project and our mission.

Now here are MY thoughts on this email and this whole project:

First of all people who create a website and are about to publish a book using the name THE AUTISM EPIDEMIC to create sensationalism with additional words such as "suffering," "the cry of parents of autistic children" and "beautiful children" to generate easy profit is definitely out of my "to read" list!

Second, writing such reactions as this "thinking of 'Autism Epidemic' as your 'Personal Reflections of the Autistic Soul'" is not only stupid, but down right arrogant!

Can't they understand that they are working on second and third hand observations? That their idea of what goes on in the Autistic Soul, is based on how parents see their kids from outside in, NOT inside out! And then they, the authors, will use these second hand witnesses to write a book, which will be like a third hand view to the issue.

Why all this? Simple. They did not ask the FIRST HAND point of view, which comes from the autistics themselves!!!

Thirdly, who are these authors?

Let's see from a reply they posted on their website:

Angela: Hi to you all, I would like to ask you what you have to do with autism, I mean are you parents of autistic children or you are simply authors and just want to write a book about autism?Thank you, Angela

Lea Schizas: Hi, Angela, and thank you for writing to us. Litsa and I have been volunteer moms for the past ten years working with children at the school in one form or another. You don't have to be a parent of an autistic child to feel concern and compassion for a social issue that's been around for some time. We haven't had anyone killed, thankfully, by a drunk driver in our immediate circle of family or friends but we are against drunk driving. Your last statement reads as though as authors all we're searching for is another hot topic to write about and then we can turn off our emotional faucet and move on to the next topic. This is far from the truth. First of all our book is only in the beginning stage, where we are gathering answers from our questionnaires to help us get a better picture surrounding concerns and areas that involve the everyday lives of parents and their autistic children. Without their input there is not much we can write about. Today I brought my little one and my sister and nephew to the Super Aqua Park and happened to meet someone I knew who had an autistic child. I had never met her two boys so was unsure as to which one was autistic. Both boys appeared to have tons of fun sliding down these huge water slides. They came out with smiles on their faces and then ran back up to go down again. My point to this? If I were only to observe this child in that setting I would not have the opportunity to find out the behind the scenes interaction and running around the parents have done to get their child to this stage, I would not find out the cost for therapies (funded and not funded by outside help) all information vital to give as accurate a percentage of parents in the same boat as possible-- What I would have only seen is a boy who was having the time of his life, the way it should be. This is what being a 'simple author' is all about--to get the facts straight before the book is penned. I hope I answered your question.

Who is this Lea Schizas? Oh, she is an author all right! She writes books about Young Adult Fantasy and Young Adult Paranormal Suspense. Yes, the words Fantasy and Suspense fit very well with the Autism Epidemic theme!!!!

So, now that we know how one of the authors is, lets take a look at her reply and maybe apply some "autistic epidemic" scrutiny to her words...

Here are the flaws in the reply. I can see them because I am autistic and such "crap" activate my brain's alarm sirens!

"Hi, Angela, and thank you for writing to us. Litsa and I have been volunteer moms for the past ten years working with children at the school in one form or another."

So, the fact that I have worked as a volunteer for some 15 plus years with deaf-blind adults and young adults gives me the expertese to go out and write a book about the "deaf-blind epidemic"??? What makes you think that as an outside observer of the behavior of autistic kids, you have any kind of idea what their Autistic Soul is saying?

"You don't have to be a parent of an autistic child to feel concern and compassion for a social issue that's been around for some time."

OH! Empathy!!! The idiotic neurotypicals think that by using empathy they know what the other thinks and feels! Sorry Ms. Schizas, but YES YOU DO NEED TO BE A PARENT OF AN AUTISTIC KID! Because a large number of these parents is themselves autistic and this means that these specific parents unlike other parents, do not only have to deal with their children's autism, but also their own. The fact that they have not been diagnosed because of the sooo limited knowledge that exists on autistic adults, does not mean that they do not have to STRUGGLE WITH A SOCIETY THAT IS NOT AUTISTIC!!!

This but another tragedy that many of these parents face. But you choose to ignore that fact and focus on children using these parents' struggle to generate sympathy and profits. What about focusing on the struggles of undiagnosed autistic parents dealing with their autistic kids and a non autistic society who instead of helping them as they need, is pushing them into putting their kids in therapies and interventions and all kinds of crap, sacrificing their kid's childhood and carefree youth, wasting it so that specialist can profit from autism.BECAUSE IN AUTISM THERE ARE THE MANY $$$$!!! LET’S NOT FORGET THAT!!!!

"We haven't had anyone killed, thankfully, by a drunk driver in our immediate circle of family or friends but we are against drunk driving."

What is this for an example? You compare someone drinking and driving to raising an autistic child? Who is the victim here? The parent or the CHILD??? And WHERE IS THE CRIME? I guess I know the answer to that one. It is being AUTISTIC that is the crime, the epidemic that is harming society...

"Your last statement reads as though as authors all we're searching for is another hot topic to write about and then we can turn off our emotional faucet and move on to the next topic. This is far from the truth. First of all our book is only in the beginning stage, where we are gathering answers from our questionnaires to help us get a better picture surrounding concerns and areas that involve the everyday lives of parents and their autistic children. Without their input there is not much we can write about."

Ms Schias and Ms Kamateros, to get a clear picture of the situation you need to first understand that these parents are also autistic, or they would not have had an autistic kid, and that this is another science's misconception that autistic kids just happen to be born to non autistic parents!

Then you need to go live 24/7 in a home of such a family to get the picture because form a questionnaire what you get is only one side: that of the parent's struggle and NOT the child's own struggle dealing with their autistic parent who think is not autistic and keeps rejecting (subconsciously) their autistic child thinking its abnormal!! A QUESTIONNAIRE DOES NOT EVEN SCRAPE THE SURFACE of what kind of interactions happen in such an autistic home. Believe me, I grew up in one such home!!!

"Today I brought my little one and my sister and nephew to the Super Aqua Park and happened to meet someone I knew who had an autistic child. I had never met her two boys so was unsure as to which one was autistic. Both boys appeared to have tons of fun sliding down these huge water slides. They came out with smiles on their faces and then ran back up to go down again. My point to this? If I were only to observe this child in that setting I would not have the opportunity to find out the behind the scenes interaction and running around the parents have done to get their child to this stage, I would not find out the cost for therapies (funded and not funded by outside help) all information vital to give as accurate a percentage of parents in the same boat as possible-- What I would have only seen is a boy who was having the time of his life, the way it should be. This is what being a 'simple author' is all about--to get the facts straight before the book is penned. I hope I answered your question."

This whole part is another clear, to me at least, point of how Ms Schias sees autism; as a sort of problem, a problem that deep down does not really exist. She remarks how "normal" the autistic kid looked as if her expectation was to see an abnormal kid's behavior... Ms Schias, AUTISTICS ARE NORMAL. The only reason neurotypicals can't see that its because there is something wrong with THEIR brain and its called GESTALT!!!

And what you also refuse to see and realize, like the rest of science, is that normal autistic kids grow up and adjust and mature and develop and change like any other human being. But in your ignorance about autism you expect them to be the same year after year and you do not study autistic adults so you can't have anything to compare them with. You see autism from one and only point of view: childhood. And from such a narrow point of view it looks as if being autistic is a being a "damaged" neurotypical! Yet, you never question YOUR narrow point of view, but rather the way the autistic kid's behavior looks and its so called limitations.

The narrow point of view that is based on the way Gestalt works in the neurotypical brain, which a few loose pieces and "puts them together" thinking that the picture it sees is the correct picture, thus you assume that autistic kids need early intervention, but have not taken into account that by early intervention you are robbing the autistic kids childhood, freedom, natural and normal way of development by assuming that being autistic is abnormal.

Maybe it is neurotypical kids that need early intervention. After all it is their brains that are SLOW! A research done in Washington DC showed that while autistic kids as young as 2 months could make any object they dropped spin over and over, NO neurotypical kid was able to do that!

Maybe these neurotipical slow brained kids need the early intervention, how about that for a change??? Send THEM from age 2 to treatments and interventions. But you would NOT do that! Neurotypicals do not need early intervention, but autistics do.

You know this whole thing about treatments and inetventions and therapies and all that crap, looks to me like making a good profit from selling soap to black people, promising it will take all "blackness" off of their skin and make nice white and clean!

Don't you understand what misconceptions and myths you are prolonging?

vrijdag 20 juni 2008

OfficialDiagnosis: Asperger's Syndrome

Ambivalence vs. Balance

If someone would see me walking next to them on the street, they would not notice. I look like them, walk like them - at least I seem to walk like them even if I mostly look to the ground noticing the patterns of tiles, the color of them, their individual shape and markings, oh that one is badly chipped... even if I seem oblivious to the people around me, because I do not often look at them; but do I have to? I can tell where they are, how THEY are walking, if they are man or woman and how old from their voices, from their clothes that I take in at fast glimpses, from the sound of their high heels or squicky boots. I seem to walk normal, but I am not. I know it and they, all the others around me, do not.

I am not hiding it.

It is obvious as obvious as it can be, but it's their eyes and ears, or maybe brain that can't see me. Brain is what procesess the information coming in from our physical senses. My senses are in high alert, all the time. I hear everything, I see and notice everything, I smell everything, I feel everything -please stop touching me with that piece of paper that you are holding standing behind me on the line to the cashier's desk. Every time it touches my skin electricity shoots up to my brain. That is how much I CAN feel it, so please when I ask you to stop doing it once DO NOT give me that stupid look.

I can see you, I know you are standing behind me, and you are so absorbed by the phonecall you are making that you keep bumping on me with that piece of paper and you get annoyed when I finally grab that piece of paper and tear it to pieces and you call me names, in a loud even more annoying voice, saying that I am mental and your voice is hurting my ears and you should feel lucky that I did not punch you to make you stop all that noise you are making hurting my ears, hurting my brain, hurting my very soul.

But I have NO right to tear the paper that was causing me pain, or making you stop from hurting my ears with your loud angry ugly voice, cause you are NORMAL and I am not.

You feel anxious about this whole issue, don't you. This Autism thing. Because I am an "abnormal" that doesn't LOOK abnormal. I look normal on the outside. It makes you feel anxious cause you don't know when I might become dangerous, when I might use my abnormality against you. You wish I was normal. So that I could be predictable and thus also safe to be around. Normal is the same as being THE SAME, the same like you.

If we are both normal and both the same, you can feel like you know me, that you can just be as if you are looking in the mirror and I am your reflection and we are the same and we both know what the other is thinking and feeling.


You see that is what the society expects of all us human beings. We must be all the same to ensure we are all safe and all know what each other is feeling and thinking. Cause not knowing is not safe. Not knowing means that someone might be thinking something that could be hurmful to someone else.

That is also why of all disabilities, illnesses, syndromes, mental issues are the most fearful. Psycho killers are the no. 1 scary stuff. Because a psycho killer looks normal but can suddenly turn into a killer.

Not knowing whta the other feels and thinks are the basic issues that an autistic has with others. That is why they see us as abnormal. Thalt is why they are so keen in stamping or better brand-marking us disabled so that we are taught from early on that we are not as good as the normal ones and that we should never, never, never, ever... take it up against them.

They make sure we will loose if we do. Cause abnormality is NOT welcomed. Unless you can be like us, THE SAME, so that we can all know what you think and what you feel and so you can know what WE think and what WE feel, we don't wnat you in our society, you can turn a killer...

It is that simple. Once I read on a wall: "If you will not learn to respect us, you will learn to fear us"

The Neurotypical Society has brandmarked us, has labelled us, has diagnosed us, taped syndromes and low functions on us, has declaired us unfit to be equal to them, and insists we are LESS! Children of a LESSER mind.

We are not as good as them normals," so better learn to behave like us, better learn to pretend at least to be like us, better know how to fit in, or you will be left out, out in the cold, out alone, out with NO MERCY, you heartless and thoughtless human," we hear all around us, twenty plus years now...

How can you even call yourself a human being NOT knowing how your fellow humans feel, what your fellow humans think. How can you be a normal human being you creep!?!?

Yes, you are right. How can I? Why do I get all these depressions? Why do I become suicidal, self-abusive, a willing mute, a rocking-horse, a overgrown baby in diapers? I do it so you can see that I am not human. Maybe then, at least then, you might feel pity for me, care for me instead of abuse me, fear me, unlove me... I can't be human so what else can I be?

I am not a monkey, nor a butterfly as much as I wish I was. So what other choices do I have? I can become an extreme. A extreme mathematician, an extreme painter, an extreme day-teller and extreme musician, an extreme linguist, an extreme idiot if needed.

So WHAT am I? Who am I?

I am the mirror image. I am the other. But not the one YOU see. Because You see what your brain tells you to see, guided by the Gestalt that connects the dots and sees something that is NOT there.

It sees stars, dots in the sky, forming star signs; a bull, the taurus appearing out of thin air, a lion the Leo and a beautiful maiden the Virgo. The human brain can create images that are not there thanks to its Gestalt ability. It is a safety mechanism. It helps us protect ourselves. When we can connect the dots, the shadows in the grass, get also connected the new image spells "tiger" so we know when to run.

But Gestalt is not like a little flash light that you can turn on and then off.

It is there all the time. It does what it does all the time. It takes dots and connects them, it takes parts and conencts them, it takes the trees and shows you the forest. The trees become only parts that are conencted to a whole. It takes sheep and makes a flock. It takes cows and makes it a herd, it takes fish and makes it a school.

Gestalt is an ability that is meant to protect because there is safety in numbers. That is how the neurotypical brain works. It sees people and makes them a society, it sees people and makes them a group where all parts are the same, and in being the same and in being a group there is safety.

Humans need safety. We humans are born in the middle of the food-chain. We can be eaten. We are vulnerable lile the sheep and we know that there are wolves and tigers in the grass and we need the Gestalt to be able to "see" them inbetween the long grass blades. If we did not have Gestalt we would be unable to see the tiger as it is fragmented by the blades of grass, we would see shadows and only know we are in danger until it was too late.

But here is also the thing. Nature is wise. If it only made one of each kind, extonction would be much easier. It made animals that like on the ground and animals that live in water. Animals that fly and animals that crowl, it made animals that prefer to live at night and animals that prefer the daylight.

It only made one kind of human beings, though... Really??? Do you really believe that? Do you really believe that Nature and God are THAT stupid to make only one of a kind???

You see human beings are not just vulnerable like sheep, they are ALSO like wolves, tigers, hunters and killers. We are as I said, in the middle of the food chain. We can kill as well as we can kill others and eat them. We are hunters, killers.

We have great abilities as hunters but these contradict the "sheep" in us. The sheep is good, religion told us so. Being a sheep is rewarded, it is the proper thing to be. Sheep are guarded and guided by God we are told, sheep are safe in numbers for as long as there are NO WOLVES that is.

So, when human beings flock like sheep using their neurotypical Gestalt ability to see themselves as a group, as a society, as a civilized animal, they deprive themselves of an important part: the wolf, the tiger, the hunter and warrior in them.

Why do they do that? Because they were told that this part was bad. It was evil, unpure, dark and feared. It was the part that made us uncivilized, brutal, animals! I was like the dark side of the Moon, we know it's there but we do not want to see it. We see the Moon as a crecent not as the circle that it actually is.

Being different and not seeing, recognizing and accepting other's thoughts and feelings is what trademarks a killer, a hunter, isn't it???
The killer would be unable to kill and eat its pray if it could see, recognize and identify emotions in that meal. The hunter's instinct and his Gestalt ability is set on different rules and priorities. Its Gestalt needs to form other kinds of groups out of other kinds of parts.

Its brain looks to the ground seeking tracks, animal tracks, and then needs to group similar tracks to make out the kind, size, weight, and direction of the animal or animals. The brain of a hunter is not set to flock but to ungroup. If a hunter attacks its pray in numbers the pray will notice them much sooner. Very few animals, species of animals, hunt in groups. Most hunt alone.

Hunters are feared, because they need to kill to survive. Sheep are loved as they are the victims. Yet, Nature in its wisdom made both, because BOTH are necessary to keep an ecosystem's balance. We all now know what happens when there are too many sheep or too many wolves. Balance and equality is the key here.

Yet, when it comes to humans, neurotypicals assume that they have all norms in own pocket. They, the sheep, are the only normals and all who evoke this norm are witchhunted as fearful and unwanted.

I am one of society's unwanted. I am autistic, I am Asperger. I am. Until you learn to respect me, you will always fear me. Fear autism, fear the future of your kids, fear your own reflection on societie's mirror. Cause the more sheep there are, the more wolves Nature will create to keep the balance.

When the sheep accept the wolf in them there will be no need for external wolves. Once society looks into her own mirror and truly sees what is there with out labeling the sheep good and the wolves bad, then and only then it will not need to flock like scared sheep because in each and every sheep, there is an equally strong wolf hidding. Able to kill if needed to defend itself.
When we finally truly see ourselves for what we really are, accept our "dark" side our YIN as we accept our good, our "light" side our YANG, accept that everything is made in wisdom, then we will realize that human species is not one, but two. There are two and there are inside every and each ONE of us human beings. We are Yin and we are Yang.

For as long as we try to split these two apart in ambivelance, because we can't chose between our two human natures, our sheep nature and our hunter nature, the more we push one to overpower the other, the more we evoke a Law of Nature that says:
For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.

Human beings have been pushing the sheep, the "neurotypical herd" image as the one to be, forcing humans to ignore the tiger in them. Nature has for that reason now is turning them into Autistics so the balance is restored. It is the Law of Nature.

But neurotypicals can't see further than their selves. The see in every other around them: Me, me, me, me, me, me, me, and one more like me, and one more and one more and one more...

Then they decide that Me equals Good. So, obviously and this is real NO BRAINER, everyone who is not Me, is also not Good.

Me = Good, Not Me = Not Good
Neurotypical = Good, Not Neurotypical =Not Good
Autistic = Not Neurotypical, Autistic = Not Good

Hmmm, maybe because Autistic is .... better???
Have YOU considered THAT possibility????

We all know science's need for precision. It clearly says that a correlationcan go always both ways. When one goes up the other goes down, but the opposite is also of value, that the same that goes up, has to be read as also coming down.
Nature is not linear.

All is round, the Earth is round and the sun ir round, it MUST be round. A line has no mass. The first solid form must be made of THREE lines. Not one not two but three! Yet, there is a solid shape that defies that law, human made law. A circle is ONE line that forms a solid shape. Not just a circle, that is two dimentional, but also a sphere, a ball, a planet, our Earth.

Time is also a line, humans think. Yes, it is but it is a circle, a sphere, a ball. Time is endless an endless round form.

Human brain can understand better 2 dimensions when it thinks. Gestalt connects dots, but only when they are presented in a 2-Dimensional form. When the shadow is split in pieces by the long grass blades, it makes teh shadow look 2-Dimensional, not 3-Dimensional as the original form that cast it.

The sheep see better 2-Dinesions. It helps them protect themselves better. It is something that Nature gave them so they can have a better chance at survival. Cows are the same. All herding animals see 2-Dimensions better than 3.

That is why they have eyes on the SIDES of their heads. They see with one eye at a time, they use both eyes but they take turns as they are being processed by the brain. Each eye sees 2-Dimensions, but they do NOT see the same image as we humans can. Our eyes are on the front of our heads. We can see 3-Dimensions.
We MUST see 3-Dimensions to be able to hunt!

Yet, we MUST also be able to see 2-Dimensions. That is the human advantage above all other hunting animals, all other killers. We do not have thick fair, or long claws, we don't even have long enough teeth. But we have a brain that is as sharp as a knife.

We can switch from 2-Dimensions to 3-Dimensions. We see more than the sheep, cause we see 3-D like the killers. We can see better than the killers because we can also see 2-D and notice them faster.

Seeing 2-D also gives us a hunting advantage. While other hunting animals become CONFUSED, when the herd starts moving and all they see is a blur unable to distinguish each animal because they do not have Gestalt! Animals do not have the Gestalt ability humans have.

This ability is what enabled us to speak, to create language in a verbal and written form. Speaking is connecting words as one would connect dots. We connect them and see a sentence.

Autistics (dyslexics and all other with reading problems), have these problems because their brain does not use Gestalt to connect these dots. The Autistic brain uses Gestalt to connect visual dots, making them a 3-D image. We think with pictures not words. We read and speak images.

When we talk, we translate an image we see and that is why our speech is frangmented, doesn't seem to flow, to form proper sentences and proper paragraphs. We do not use Gestalt in the same way. How DO we use it?
We use it the Autistic way.