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Solar Eclipse - The Eclipse of the Male

About a year ago, no... actually more than that almost 2 years ago, I predicted the eclipse of the male. The post I wrote back then is here in this link. Read it and also the two more following it. The explain who what happens in the Sky, also happens on Earth.
Read below the whole page from the first post to the very last titled: Solar Eclipse 11 September 2007

Not only the amount of male men is decresing, as it is shown in this article and video here, but the ones who are actually born, are 1 in 165 divided by 4 times 3 times all countries' populations! Do the math idiotic neurotypical world.

The men who are born, might be fewer, but as the Autistic ones whose amount you can figure out using this simple mathematical equation, are far better than their 164 in 165 times all countries' populations counterparts!!!

You lose!!!

Just keep in mind that it happens above it also happens below. This is the Age of Aquarius, the time for the Sun, the Ra to set, the Yang needs a rest. Now it is time for the Moon to rise, the Yin the female, the MOTHER!!!

The Autistic Female is the root and the cause and the reason for Autism. Autistic Females, become Autistic Mothers, who birth Autistic children, 3 in 4 are Autistic MEN!!!

Unless we HEAL the Female, the GYNH in Greek, the daughter of the Earth, GYNH = GHINH, meaning the one born of the Earth, that is of Earth, the one that borns like Earth, creates.

Women, females, mothers, daughters, have lived lives in the shadow on the male, in the shadow of the Sun, the Ra, the Apollo. Now as the Sun is eclipsing, hiding, like it hides at night behind the body of the Earth, and allows the night to come, to allow the rest, the sleep, the healing to come.
Now, humankind is entering the night time, when the Moon is in the sky and the light it sheds is soft and friendly. It is the light for lovers, it is the light of Love. This Love has been gone for a long time from the daily lives of the human kind. We need, we MUST bring it back.

Love will heal the women, the mothers and they will heal their children. Their sons AND their daughters. Love is the water that feeds the Earth and allows things to grow on its surface. It makes even desert, fertile and rich.

This water of Love, the element of Yin will bring the necessary healing in out hearts and bodies, and most importan of all, OUR SOULS!!!!

I have come to awake the asleep and allow them to climb out of the cave that Pluto spoke of, and show them the posibilities beyond the cave walls, the Earthly womb!

The Autistics are the next human evolutionary step, and as such they will inherit the Earth. As much as you will try to eliminate us, wipe out Autism by a so-called cure or chellations, you cannot wipe out what lies within our DNA, our each cell, our bodies. No matter what you do, you can never reach our souls. Our strength, our abilities lie there.

We have a different relationship with our body and our soul than the other human beings. We do not need to search it, look for it with our eyes, because our brains thinks in a different way, it uses the 3-dimensional sense of touch. We thus, touch and feel our souls with our whole body.

That is because we wear the body as a cover of the soul, a shell. Like a pearl that grows with the shell, so grows our soul from all pain we encounter. Pain is what creates the pearl. It is an irritation turned into a jewel!!!

The pearl like Athena who jump out of Zeus' head with its wisdom, carries the wisdom of the shell, the wisdom and genius that created it. Instead of expelling it, it kept it, it nourished it, it caressed it, covering it with each stroke, protecting it and also neutralizing it.

The caressing of the shell, is the MOTHER, Mother of Pearl they call it. The Mother, each mother must learn again how to cover, surround and protect the child in a loving way, so that later in life it has a protective hard and shiny layer like the white substance that covers the pearl, to protect it throughout its life.

The love of the mother builds the outer protective shell of our souls. Without it, we are naked. Now that love has become so scarce, and we are all so thirsty, now comes the night that will cool us and nurish us with Moon dew carried by river and ocean nymphs. The Yin is awakening.
The Pearl is the Moon in the sky. The Mother. The Mother of all Autistics. We are the nocturnal humans, just like bats our senses of sight and hearing are under developed, we see in 2-dimensions, we hear in 2-dimensions, not 3! We do not use Gestalt like the beings that prefer the daylight.

Our bodies are almost invisible, without an armour because our mothers did not touch us, hug us, play with us, hold us, caress us, kissed us enough. Society did NOT ALLOW THEM TO DO THAT!!!

Back in the 70s, when the first solid theories about child raring and childcare were surfacing, many advised mothers to let the child cry and not pick it up every time it cried. The idea was to teach children to interact with the mother in a better way and thus also free the mother of the constant burden of being in physical contact with the child.

What they did not foresee was the longterm effect this kind of childrearing had to the future of mankind. Once mothers learned how to reduce the close interaction time between them and their child by using ways that the industry and science supported as acceptable, no one realized how easy it was to sliep from a little less, to little more less, to even a little bit more less, and less and less physical interaction between mother and child.

Mothers hardly play in a physical way with their children, they hardly touch them compared to the generations before when children where constantly held and carried and breastfed and held some more!

We all know how physical contact heals mental traumas, emotional traumas, psychological traumas, soul traumas. We as human being have become more and more traumatized as individuals because we do NOT RECEIVE ADEQUATE sensory integration with our nearest and dearest, OUR OWN MOTHRERS and last but not least, FATHERS.

We learn to form and shape our Animus and Anima from these major presences in our lives. Their presence and the absence of their presence or their negative presence affects deeply the way we understand both our selves and own gender as well as the orther and opposite gender. We create through these interactions the two streotypes of male and female, animus and anima, Yin and Yang, from our own parents or parental figures.

Yung knew that. But even Yung, got something slightly wrong!

A female forms her Anima not from her mother, but from her FATHER! She sees the male and learns from his interaction with her, what kind of woman is the ideal. The ideal woman is the one that will be a perfect mate to her father. The female will either become that perfect female, the perfect wife to her father if his presence in her life is a positive one, or she will become the exact opposite than what she percieves as the perfect female, the perfect wife to her father if his responce and interaction with her is negative and traumatic.

This means that the anima is shaped by the father in a woman's mind. The animus is shaped by the mother. The ideal man, and husband to the mother becomes the ideal man to the daughter, provided that the mother's presence in the womans' life was and still is a positive one. A negative and traumatic experience will tell the woman that her mother is not happy and will wish to have a male in her own life that will make sure to make her happy, unlike her mother who is not happy!

It is a game of forces, and magnetic fields. The (-) attracts the (+) not another (-). We bocome the force missing from the lives our parents. We become their opposite, their mirror image, or their identical alter ego, their twin depending what we see and perceive that they lack in their lives!

The problem is that most men hardly spend time, real quality time with their daughters. If they do spend time it will be by a wide margin more with thei rsons. The daughter, the growing female is deprived of love, physical contact, love, acceptance, and friendship by her own father.

I have seen and heard so many stories about "wounded" women that I now know how this vicious cycle of unloving has began. From father to daughter, and then from mother to son, from son that then becomes again a father to his daughter and she once a mother to her own son.

Fraud called these the Oedipus and the Electra Simplexers, but they are more than just a situation, it is a basis that has caused us human beings to forget how to love, to truly love with out bodies not just through words, and material gifts!!!

We are now suffering from many sexual frustrations, adding to the lack of love, of closeness and physical tenderness. We are human beings deprived from sensory experiences that cause a bad, almost disasterous sensory integration. We are hungry. Not for food, but for LOVE!!!!

The result in all this spiraling and evolving, is an evolutionary path that leads through an environment, a social environment without love, without compasion, without understanding for each other, for each other's needs, wants, likes and dislikes. We assume we know the other as we know ourselves.

But we do NOT! We hardly know our selves, let alone someone else. How ignorant and arrogant it is to claim we know ourselves when we hide from our selves all that hurts us. We lock it away and throw away the key. We ignore the pain and pretend it does not exist, it NOT there. We refuse to see and hear it so stubbornly that we eventually become blind and deaf to pain. All pain. Everyone's pain. Our OWN pain and . . . worst of all, our own child's PAIN!

We become so immune to pain that we fail to realize how much we have changed our world to very hostile place for our children, how we scare and frighten them by the things we do, because we can't recognize how much these things might hurt, them, us, everyone. Immunity to pain means no exceptions. No one is spared from this.

Immunity to pain, inability to recognize emotions, sexual and emotional frustrations, if you put these all together the end result is the epidemic we all see as Autism! It is not an epidemic though. The human natire has build in our DNA ways for us to evolve and overcome every possible threat that could cause us extinction. The survival of the fittest, means the fittest that can adjust faster and more adequate to the changing environment.

Once society has become a changing environment, turning into a hostile battlefield, the human evolution has brought forth warriors, fighters, hunters, retainers, protectors, organizers, and other highly skilled individuals. These highly skilled individuals are the Autistics. We have a special interest or more special interests. These become our special skills, our specific tools of surviving.

We each have a skill, because we also each have a task. We are here to preserve the Arts. The Arts of Life. We learn something so deeply and widely and totaly that we retain and preserve it. We collect, retain and preserve. From this collection, retainment and preservation we bring forth new ways, new tools, new knowledge. Because we combine it in a different way than the non-Autistics.

We do not use Gestalt. we use the 3-dimensional sense of touch to process our world, our knowledge, our life! We think is a way that is FUNDAMENTALY different than the non-Autistics that they cannot figure us out, they are anable to see what makes us tick, and what motivates our strange and irrational behaviors, our strange and clumsy ways or movement, of speech, of social behavior.

We have been labeled broken, damaged, abnormal. We are forced to follow treatments, interventions, special schooling, socializing, behavioral management and psychoanalytic therapies to become like the rest! It is absurd. No, not just absurd it is vulgar, it is hypocritical and completely rude!

We the Autistics are the ones who gave the world the mathematics, the philosophy that gave birth to science, and now science comes and renders us broken and damaged? How dare you?

Who do you think you are? Who gave you the right to dominate us in such a way? Who told you that the human spieces is one only and one is YOU?

May the one ONLY was and still is US, the AUTISTICS. How do you know it is you and only you? Think again cause time, your time is running out. We know more than you will ever be able to see and hear with your limited imagination.

Leave us Autistics alone. If you continue in this path you will be destrying your own humankind future. We are more skilled than you are and if you change us, you will not win. We know your weaknesses, and we knwo our strengths. You know our weaknesses and ypou also know your weaknesses. You have no idea what your strengths are, and even you know our's.

If an Autistic is bullied he will be tolerant many times of the pain you cause him, until one day he will strike back. He will strike back with such force that the hit will be fatal. This is because we look and see, we observe and record. We know the other's weakness because we also know our own. We do not hide our weaknesses, we do not lock them away. We carry them on us, what we feel is what we show, our emotionas are naked not hidden. Our joy is visible and so is our pain. If you look well you will see it.

But you can't see it. You are immune, blind to pain. Your own and everyone else's. We, on the other hand acknowledge our own, and therefore also everyone else's. We are hypersensitive. No. We are not hypersensitive, YOU ARE HYPOSENSITIVE, you are immune, numb, senseless. We are fine. It is the instruments that you mearure with that cause the misconception. You ASSUME that your hyposensitivity is the norm. Everything above that norm is hypersensitive.
Too bad you failed to notice that the scale is incorrect. Our hypersensitivity is the norm and you all fall far below our standards. Guess who is broken and needs fixing, guess who need social training and humanly acceptable skills? Not us, I can assure that.

The time has come to heal the world. We the skilled Artists will show you how, we will teach you how to change your hyposensitivity for a sensitivity that is up to standards, not ours or yours but OURS. We need to learn to accept each other as each is, who each is, what each is. We need to learn again SELFLESS LOVE!!!

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