zaterdag 14 maart 2009

How Society Ate all Human Beings. A true story!

I am Autistic.

That is about enough to require from me to look at life in a way that others do not. That includes society and social rules. They are utterly unfair because they are simply based on supporting the ones on the top of the social ladder, while making it as hard as possible for the ones underneath, the social underdogs.

After all, all societies, from the very first at the dawn of the so called civilization, until today, needed "slaves" to endlessly turn the wheels of fortune for the ones who sat comfortably at the top. This is a fact that we are forced every day through the mass media to ignore if not completely forget.

What rules is not Love or compation, not even God anymore, not even we humans. We do not rule. We are all slaves. What rules is money. As simple as that. Whoever has it is at the topo of the social ladder, benefits from all the social rules, and struggles to keep that position of priveledge!

Those who do not have it, struggle to fill in the gap with notions such as love, compassion and God. As John Lennon very wisely said, God is the measure of ones hardships. The more the hardshiops, the more we turn to God for help and mostly it seems what we ask is ... MONEY!!!

Now, you will say that there are many people who have money and also pray to God. Now that I feel is a huge lie. One of those social things that people use to interact in a proper way. If people with money pray is only because they are either afraid they might lose that money, or because they have some health issue they can't seem to solve with money, or they are one of these regious fanatics who make money from "selling" faith and God!!!

Oh dear! Did I step on someone's toes? Well, excuuuuuuse me! Maybe your toes were in the wrong place. So mind where you keep them next time. Maybe they are too long and take someone else's space, or simply stand on the way. After all they are YOUR toes so keep your eyes on the ground looking out for on coming feet!!!

Yes, that is the kind of obnoxious way that Autistics tend to think and get in the way of society's rules and status quo. Now, let's imagine that once society and the human beings were friends. Walked side to side caring for each other. One day society realized that the human being had some flaws, some weaknesses that were easily used, easily exploited to own's favor. That is when society began abusing what was meant to help and protect: the human being. Instead it made a new friend. This new friend was greed!

That is what caused society's old friend, the human being to change tactics. It slowly began to be born ... Autistic! This way the human being was not as vulnerable to society's rules and influence. The Autistic human had a free mind and did not feel the need to follow the herd of society nor to act socially. This made society vert upset. The more Autistic humans were born, the less society could exploit them. "Aha!" Society thought, "I have to find a way to claim back my influnce and control!" But that was not as easy as it sounded. Society had to find some collaborators and make them execute a dark and evil plan.

The plan was simple, "devide and rule" it was called and all society had to do was to turn human beings against each other. Not just strangers against each other, that was very easy and it was done daily through greed and brainwashing. Now society had to strike deeper, in the heart of the human family. Society would not do that alone. It has slaves willing to do the dirty work. They are called professionals who, as a reward for their obedience, they are granted high ranking places in the social pecking order, and are given lots of money and even more power, since we all now that power can drive anyone crazy...

These professionals had to come up with a plan to separate the family. First they thought out the family's ranks of weakness. The child was by far the weakest. Bingo! Their strategy was to separate the child from the parents, that way the family would fall a pile of cards. Easy pickings.

Then they came up with a label. Something very horrible, an illness so awful, a disorder, an abnormality, a stigma!!! They did not have to look far for a name. Autism. It sounded Greek, so it had a sort if historical and cultural aura, it was easily pronounced and it sold like fresh baker rolls!

But how? Tell a parent that his or her child is different than the rest, convince them that it will never make it as the rest, allow them to fall into the trap that what causes this difference is something so horrible that has NO CUR, and ... tadah!!! Parents believe it. They want to have the same kid like their neighbor has, they have the same car like the neighbor, they live in teh same house like their neighbor's, they eat the same junk like the neighbor, so why not have the same child like the neighbor???

This sounded so, bad so unfair! Money. They could "buy" a new child. No, that is not possible, what then? They would buy a cure! Yes, a cure. Find us a cure!!! Here is all our money but please, pretty please, give us our child back... but please... make sure it is exactly the same like the one the neighbors have!!! We do not want one that is different.

That was the day when the parents sold their kids to the professionals who labeleld them abnormal and defective, and took the parent's money to fix them and one day, maybe one return them to the parents...

They just forgot one thing these professionals. They forgot the kids. They forgot that the kids grow up and one day can use a computer and one day find a way to break their silence and speak out and defend themselves and accuse the professioanals and the greedy rotten society for doing what it did. That day came, but no one listened. They were all too scared, too brainwashed, to enslaved to listen or care.

They kept screaming for a cure to the epidemic, they were pilling up all their money and asking for more from the UN and all Governments, to stop this curse! To find a cure, to stop Autism from kidnapping their children and eating them up.

They were screaming and yelling louder than any Autistic adult could speak, so no one listened to them, and that is how society won the dirty game.

The End (of the decent human beings)


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