maandag 28 september 2009

AUTISM and SOCIETY - Who is truly ill?

You see if we have two things, and one of them (Society in this case) decided to label the other (Autism) a disorder (a developmental disorder in this case), we need to question how sound is that decission, and what interests are being served by that label!

My personal belief is that what motivates Society and Science that pulls Society's strings is greed more than anything else. Science has become our Society's new religion, since we have now put all our faith towards preventing death (the one thing that holds our ultimate fear) in Science's hands, where previourly these were God's hands.

And like the good ol' "Church", Science is the one that now controls Society. Maybe it is about time we change that "In God we Trust", into "In Science we Trust" as this would far better apply to today's beliefs.

We have allowed Science to take over, simply because we refuse to accept our own weaknesses and vulnerabilities, we refuse to see the inevitable truth that we will all, no matter what, one day die! We wish to avoid this truth, we wish to pay any amount to change this truth, we are willing to make any sacrifice to avert this from happening. We used to pray to God, offer things of value, offer sacrificies such as the lives of others, whether humans or animals, to ensure we would be kept well, and of course... ALIVE!

Yet, this endless game with death came to be a very profitable industry. The promise of eternal youth, of eternal health, of eternal life has become the core of today's Society, where the cosmetics industry, the pharmaceutical industry and whole mecical world have become our new Gods!

To them we sactrifice our income, to them we sacrifice animals (we call them laboratory animals), to them we also sacrifice humans. Ourselves, and our children. Truly, nothing has really changed much since the dark Middle Ages. It has only become more hip, more acceptable, more easily accessed, more integraded into our daily lives. We think about taking medications or not, as little as we think about using toilet paper or not.

We fill our bodies with chemicals that are absorbed either through our digestive system or through our skin, hair, nails, lips, you name it. We never even think what substances are inside our shampoo bottles, are nail polish, our lipstick, our deodorants. Yet, we worry that some mercury inside a vaccine, might cause Autism!

This is how blind we have become to what is happening to us and around us. How we are being "drugged" through small amounts of different chemicals day after day... We then wonder how our Human kind is changing, giving birth to Autistic children.

Mass media has a big saying into this, too. They can also gain profit from this huge money-making industry by reporting new findings, by creating sensationalism out of nothing, by making us accept easier and easier the dark practices that happen around us, by making us immune to them through over reporting, though commercialism, through osmosis. At the end we neither see or hear any more what is happening and how we are being used, abused, misled, drugged, poisoned and yes... killed.

I will not sit here and repeat things others have said better than I ever could. I will just add here the links to articles that explain, support and analyze the fact that Science has turned us all into laboratory animals, abusing our ultimate fear of death and desease, and has allowed medical doctors, psychiatrists, etc. to exploit us like never before.

Ultimately, it is Society that has gone ill, that has become a disorder, a viral infection that is slowly killing our Human kind. It is Society that is creating more illnesses than it can cure, so that we remain eternaly dependant on their practices while it feeds on us.

Read on, there is plenty to take into account the next time you read about Autism and how it is the worst developmental disorder, a true epidemic, a danger to Society and social rules. Think deep what ends serve this Society and the social rules.

Who are behind this "Society" and who make these social rules. Then wonder whether Autism is not yet another scapegoat, another diversion from what truly is the point here: How dependant have we become to the endless dream of a magic pill that cures all illness, including death!

- How Pharma Giants Are Getting Rich By Calling Our Life Problems 'Medical Disorders'

- Mental Illness or Social Sickness?

- ADD/ADHD: Mental Illness or Social Oppression?

I rest my case.

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