woensdag 2 december 2009


It used to be "In God we Trust"...

Now, as we have shifted our hope for eternal life (it used to be eternal life in Paradise) we have knelled in front of Science in the hope that as we used to receive a piece of bread for communion, we will now receive a magic pill for eternal health, well-being, longevity, and if possible eternal youth!

We have come to also believe that as long as we have enough money, we will be able to afford anything that Science will come up with to prolong our good health, our sexual function, our ability to be an active (and important) part of Society, and to be able to offer all of the above to our children and grandchildren...

We have become so dependant on everything the sell us, that promises to bring us a step closer to this dream of eternal youth, health and life, that we have lost all measure, all grip on reality.

We have allowed ourselves to blinded, to be brainwashed and to be stuffed of lies.

We have lost the Truth.

We have lost the Truth because we do not want to know the Truth. The truth is that we are all mortal, we are all subject to illnesses, pain, sorrow, and of course... Death!!!

We have veer so far from the truth, following the proverbial carrot that Science has placed in front of our noses, that we have no clue anymore to where it is that we are going.

We are so lost in the darkness of the valley of Death that we have grabbed that carrot with all available hands, are holding on to it so tight drenched in terror that nothing else exists any more.

We have lost the Truth. The Truth is the light that guided our soul, told us that all the difficulties we face have a reason, and the reason was and still is, to make us stronger, and by stronger it means to allow us to understand the stuff that we are made of. We are made of hope and courage, we are made of freedom and justice, we are made of compassion and love, we are made to be both children and parents, experiencing the "coin" of being from both sides. The side of receiving as a child and the side of giving as an adult and parent.

We have become worthless human beings. We have sold our souls to Science, expecting Science to give us all that we want and need, more or less like an infant expects its parents to fulfill all its needs and wants. The more we stay stuck with the carrot, the more we focus on the carrot, the more we loose the ability to grow up and mature and complete and enlightened human beings.

We remain instead stuck into the material existence, which has been now taken by Science. Science told us that we are mater, we are skin and bones, we are organs, we are nerves and blood, we are genes and DNA, we are ill because something is broken and can be fixed with an operation, a medication, a treatment, a therapy.

Science did not acknowledge the fact that we also have a soul. A part that is beyond the material, the visible that could be fixed and cured with the scientific advances of our time and time to come...

Science did not hesitate. This one part of us, the soul, was expressed in many different ways. It was expressed in our hopes and dreams, and fears. It was expressed in our thoughts, through philosophy, through literature, through music and art. It was also expressed in our behavior.

Since Science could not manipulate the soul, it set out to manipulate all expressions of the soul.
Our thoughts can now be manipulated, our fears can now be manipulated, even our desires (sexual mostly) or existential. Our expression through art can be manipulated. All of our behavior can be manipulated.

Science used Psychology to dig into our very soul and manipulate us. Psychology and Psychiatry set up a trap for us. Not many of us could see it coming cause we were told it was for our own good, our well-being. If Science through Psychology could know what makes us tick, Science would make sure to give us all we need so we can tick and tick and tick happily ever after.

That is what we were told! That is also how Psychology became part of Science. It began experimenting. It began experimenting on us! Yes, back in the early 50's and 60's most Psychological research was done either using human objects, or monkeys who were thought to have behavior that resembled the behavior of humans especially in the early stages of development! Yes, human babies and monkey babies are very similar when it comes to behavior as they have the same primary needs and they have DNA that is about 98% the same.

Thanks to these experiments, we discovered many hidden until back then aspects to our soul and mind and behavior. We began realizing that we have patterns of behavior, that we have actions and reactions, that we can be made to like or dislike something without any particular reason. Facts about our inner, psychological workings began surfacing. The human psyche was not a mystery any more!

The uncharted waters of our complex behaviors were now being well charted, well recorded and well understood. Science began dwelling more and more in the inner workings of our mind. It also began labeling what they found as normal and of course abnormal! Science loves labels. So Psychology as a part of Science had to follow the same habits. It also began labeling our behavior as normal and abnormal.

New disorders began to surface. Yes, the deep waters of the mind, of our soul had many turbulent areas, many Bermuda triangles, many twists and turns. It was a new frenzy! tell me who you are and I will tell you all the mental disorders you could have!

You will wonder what purpose did this all serve. Well, the purpose of curing us from all that could endanger our eternal youth, well-being, and life! The DSM was born!!! The DSM is a manual of all possible causes of Death. All possible causes, everything. And when I say everything, let me remind you that once homosexuality was part of this DSM!

Now it is Autism. Autism is also part of the DSM. Autism is a health risk. A mental health risk. Autism is abnormal and everything abnormal can lead to Death. This is how Science thinks. In very much black and white. Labeling is also very black and white. There is nothing gray about labeling. You either fit the label or you do not.

That is why Science needs to make sure it places the right label on the right disorder. if they place the wrong label then it will cause the whole system to crash. Science needs diagnoses, and it needs diagnostic tools. It needs to find a way to look into our bodies and souls and pinpoint what is wrong.

What could it be wrong? I mean, aren't we made in the perfect image of God? Is there something wrong with God? Then how can there something be wrong with us???

Aren't we meant to be all as different as possible and yet share one common thing: our soul, God's own being in us?

We were meant to experience different things in the way of illness, of pain, of suffering, of loss. We were meant to experience these so we could understand them. We were also meant to be able to see different aspects of the same thing, so when we combined them we could see the Wholeness of God and the Cosmos around us.

Science made us forget all that. It showed us that we all had to be the same, or be abnormal.
Escaping from the normal range of things means greater chances to encounter death. Isn't that also the rule of Nature???

Every animal that is less normal than the rest of the herd, will be easily spotted by predators and hunted down for food. Humans are part of the food chain. We have been part of the food chain all along, ever since we existed on this planet, but Science has made sure we forgot that, too. We now think we are at the top of the food chain. We are not. There are many creatures that can use us as their food. Bacteria, Viruses, besides lions and tigers and bears... Yes, we are not at the top of the food chain. H1N1 has reminded us of this fact.

But where do we go from here?

It is more than obvious that Science, from the savior that it was meant to be -and we have fed this monster billions and billions or dollars- it has now become even more greedy. Dollars are not enough. It is hungry for flesh. It must keep on experimenting, it must keep on showing results, it must keep on advancing, it must keep on digging deeper and deeper, it must keep on with all these practices or it will fall apart and deteriorate. It must show that there is a REASON for its existence!

It has become an all consuming money-making, result producing (whether these results are real or not it is not important any more, for as long as there are results available, that can be manipulated to look trustworthy enough), human guinea pig abusing, all powerful and respected machine!

Science has become a snowball that turned into an avalanche, destroying the same thing it was created to help and protect. It has fallen into the trap of money-making hedonism and has forgotten the Hippocrates oath.

Science is now the biggest abnormality, and it definitely deserves a place in the DSM along with everything else that it has labelled and placed in there. Everything else that is actually the basis of the very fabric of life...

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