woensdag 24 maart 2010


This is the society...

That allows two sisters to avoid speaking to each other for over 5 years, and now taking one the other to court to get half of the winnings of a lottery ticket the other had bought!

Even our soul seems to have a price today. This is OUR society! We have made it that way. But who is we? We autistics or we neurotypicals.

According to the neurotypicals, they are the normal and they have a normal society that follows norms and laws. Rules. We, autistics are blamed for NOT following those norms and rules and disobeying laws, and in general not doing what we are told.

We are told to sit and we... run around the room hysterically in a frenzy of movement and repetition of the images we see rolling in front of our eyes. We become so fascinated by that movement that you, neurotypicals, call it a disorder. A syndrome.

You assume we suffer from this disorder, while there outside our small autistic world... You, who have labeled us "abnormal", live a normal life, in a normal society that allows a sister to sue her sister. Those are the examples you allow your children to live by, while we live inside us, in a world fascinated by movement and colors that swirl so magically in front of our eyes. We, autistics, live it seems in a self-made paradise, while you labor every day in hell.

A hell of anxiety, of fear, of pain, of exhaustion from work, overwork and lost weekends in meetings. You anguish over your loans, your morgages, your future of survival. You live in hell.

Now, as you have clearly agreed, without our consent or approval, you neurotypicals are the normal and we are not.

You live in hell, and we live in a self-made paradise, that you name "Autism".

I think you are jealous that we can do that "autistic" thing and escape your hell.

You want to show us with force, that the world is NOT as pink and blue and green and yellow, and purple, and orange, and green, and brown, as we think. You put us through early interventions with intensive therapies and abusive behavioral modifications (yes, I am talking about ABA), hyberbaric tanks, and even straight jackets if needed.

All that, you do for our own best interest. Always! No doubt about it. You love us and you want to help us. So, we MUST learn to survive in hell, your hell. It is an obligatory part of basic survival and social living in a normal society.

But,... but,... excuse me... may I say something?

I am autistic and... if I may, I would like to say that you are a little bit off the mark. You missed the point...

You don't have to teach us how to survive, we already know.

We were born with an intense instinctive knowledge of fear. We are always edgy and suffer from anxiety and fear, remember? YOU diagnosed me, and placed all these labels.

So, please, if someone knows about survival this is me, us autistics. We know instinctively how to avoid hell, your hell.

We either create our own paradise, or we die trying and go anyway back to heaven, since we didn't live a life suing one another for half a lottery ticket.

We collect dinosaurs, and toilet brushes, and other odd things and spend hours and hours learning everything about them. We feel obliged to preserve the knowledge of the dying nature that surrounds us. Many of us autistics, we can hardly talk. Or never speak at all. Is there really something to tell you? Or share with you? Have you wondered?
And when we make the effort, you call it echolalia and give us yet another label.

So, who is destroying the world, the perfect normal world as you call it. You or us?

Here enjoy a bit of the thrill and chill that you neurotypicals crave for. Since you don't have the guts to build your own paradise you just want to stop us from creating our own, you'd rather make us share the hell you live in! That is LOVE! Thank you for caring so much for us. We are moved... Moved to another planet, in new cities of our far imaginary places...

Lottery Dispute Takes Elderly Sisters To Court

Sister Claims Entitlement To Powerball Jackpot

POSTED: 10:43 am EDT March 23, 2010

Two sisters fighting over a $500 million lotto jackpot appeared in New Britain Superior Court on Tuesday.Theresa Sokaitis, 84, of Middletown, and Rose Bakaysa, 87, of Plainville, were in New Britain Superior Court on Tuesday.

The sisters barley acknowledged each other in court and walked out separately after proceedings on Tuesday.Last August, the Supreme Court ruled Sokaitis could sue her sister for a share in the $500 million Powerball jackpot won by Bakaysa and their brother, Joseph Troy Sr., in 2005.

Troy told the court he remembers hearing his sisters agree over the phone they would no longer be lottery partners and split their winnings.The sisters did not speak for a year after that and then he and sister Bakaysa won big. Sokaitis said she deserves part of the jackpot.Sam Pollack, who represents Sokaitis, said, “Pursuant to our contract, the 1995 agreement, if there was any money won in the future by either Theresa Sokaitis or Rose Bakaysa, they had to share their winnings with the other sister.

So she needed to share her winnings, whatever she won; scratch ticket, lottery, Powerball.William Sweeney, who represents Bakaysa, said, “The issue that weve tried to present today is whether or not by their actions the parties rescinded the contract, and I believe that the testimony that was offered, that said I’m not going to be your partner anymore and somebody agreeing to that, rescinds that decision.The judge’s ruling is expected in late April or early May

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