zaterdag 1 december 2007

Hormones and Empathy

Why is it so important to understand how the male and female brain and also body works?

Well, mainly because eventhough we are a being that has evolved to live in complex social structures, and have a brain that has great abilities, and because we are also bound by natural laws that we have inherited from our ancestors through our DNA and these laws involve the primal instinct of survival.

Survival of the species in general, depends heavily on whether the organism is able to meet the environmental challeneges and live long enough to mate and procreate, so that the species can exist in the future through a new generation.

To be able to survive in the best possible way, one needs three things:
- the best variety of genes,
- the best gene/environment compatibility, and
- the best possible (capable) parents.

I am sure that one will agree that the issue is both that of nature and nurture.

What kind of genes one will inherit is the part about nature and what kind of parents one will have is the part of nurture. The genes/environment part is the chance factor, the pure luck that gives all species an equal opportunity to survive as the compatibility between genes and environment change every second to ensure that all species get a turn.

Well, in the issue about Autism the genes seem to play a role as does the kind of parenting one receives according to an article posted by the University of Wisconsin called Psychologists glimpse biological imprint of childhood neglect about the effect of the absence of a loving caregiver in the earliest years of a person's life, bringing again the issue of nature vs. nurture under the spotlight.

But what makes a good caregiver, and how nature has foreseen this caregiving?

I mean I have not heard of animals having psychological problems because of a good or bad parent, so maybe nature has somehow given us together with our physical biology some kind of 'parenting' instincts that -unfortunately- through life in the modern societies of the 21st century, these instincts have been suppressed and maybe even erased if not damaged.

Could it be that we have an instinct that has due to our way of life, been rendered useless because it does not fit in the current mentality of our lifestyle?

I believe that we have. Not lost the instinct, but just forgotten how to listen and understand the effects, the impulses that this instinct includes. I believe that we are very little aware of what our hormones do besides the scientific research that tells us what they do, chemistry-wise, to our bodies. But all research always seems to leave out the part that can't be measured: our intuition, sensitivity and sensing through other sources that our actual physical 5 senses.

What if the female hormones give a woman something more than just what science calls in general empathy? What if these hormones gives a woman also the ability to feel, sense, be in tune, with others around her? As if women can pick up other's 'moods' telepathically? Could it be then that the irritability that many women experience during their menstruation, which science calls PMS, is nothing more that a hightened sensitivity to those around her, a hypersensitivity, that feels to the woman as if every mood, every thought, every attitude of the people around her, penetrate her being in an endless stream of information overstimulating her and causing her to become easily irritable, easily annoyed, easily angered, easily fearfull?

You see the female body and hormones have been and still are a mystery to science. Yes, science has studied it under microscopes but still can't explain how women seem to be able to read their husband's or children's minds, how women seem to be able to sense if things are about to go wrong, or if something doesn't feel 'right.'

Could it be that this is why women have been feared for so many centuries, burnt as witches, accused of being the source of sin, and labelled with all kinds of affinity with the sinister and dark forces of the paranormal including the evil as opposed to the good, which is the male personification of God. If God is attributed to the male gender, society tells us, then evil must be attributed to the female gender. If good is the established scientific methods that are compatible with the classifying tendency of the male brain, then evil is the pseudoscientific methods of empathy, intuition, sixth sense, magic, witchcraft, etc., etc. that seem to go hand-in-hand with the female brain...

Here is the oxymoron: if the female nature is meant to be using such abilities to ensure the best possible survival chances of her young, why is science refusing to aknowledge these abilities? Instead of trying to explain these abilities through the male-dominant-classifying point of view, science should accept that some things simply can't be measured!

Why is the female nature denied its true abilities just and only because these abilities don't fit within the perimeters that the male brain operates? It almost feels like someone who is born blind trying to understand how sight works, how can one see things at a great distance and how things seem to change in size the further away they are. How can someone born blind ever understand even the concept of being able to see? The exact same way that science tries to understand the way the female empathy, intuition, sixth sense, allows a woman to 'see' to perceive things invisible to the male: it does not!

One will wonder why would a woman need such a sense? The answer is more simple than one even dares to aknowledge: the woman needs this sense to be able to care for her children. Nature has equiped the female with a radar, or sonar, or whatever one wants to call it, that can allow her to connect with her children in a deeper and more profound way than just by the physical senses.

This ability can be understood, trained, and used like any other of the physical senses. The only problem is, that such an ability is neither acceptable nor encouraged by many societies and cultures. But women still have it, experience it even if they are not allowed to embrace it and cultivate it, which leaves women at the mercy of the sensations they feel, as they can't explain or understand them. This causes woman a degree of irritability that appears as symptoms of PMS. How convenient for the male oriented science and scientists to see and label this ability as something that makes women unreliable because of their changable moods.

Countries like the USA even use this as an excuse for not having a female president. What if she nukes the world during one of her PMS rages, right?

Scientists just seem to have a label for everything!!!

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