zondag 2 december 2007

More on Gender Differences

Well, I have to open this post by saying that as far as I am concerned all people with AS and ASD are 'normal' and maybe the non-autistic are the ones who are not 'normal' because they are stuck in an one-sided reality.

When one is dealing with two different things like an APPLE and an ORANGE, the question that seems to linger is whether the orange is an abnormal apple or whether the apple is an abnormal orange.

If one assumes that ALL fruit can only be APPLES, then yes, an orange will be then seen as an abnormal apple because even though it is round and could pass for an 'odd' apple since there are apples that are green, red, and yellow. And since there are apples that are green, red and yellow maybe this is just a weird orange apple!

While the outside shape is more or less the same since both APPLES and ORANGES are considered round, and the color might seem a bit weird, but could pass, it is what's on the INSIDE that makes the real difference: the APPLE is solid while the ORANGE is juicy!

Exactly how the autistic mind differs from the neurotypical: the neurotypical mind thinks in solid forms like boundaries, rules and boxes, while the autistic mind things in 'juicy' fluid forms like images and intuition.

Maybe it is this difference of how thought is formed that makes Autistics so different from Neurotypicals. In a way, the difference between the NT and the autistic brain almost seems like the awake and dream state of the brain. In the awake state the brain thinks in solid information that enters the brain through the five senses and reflects solid data from the environment. Including the data that tell the brain how others around them feel by collecting visual data through eye contact and body movement/language.

Then there is the dream state of the brain, the fluid state where the data that enters the brain comes from the path of intuition, empathy, and telepathy, as the brain goes into a different mode of operation and does not depend on the data of the physical five senses.Could it be that the neurotypical APPLE brain can only deal with facts and data as these are be tangible, and offer clear cut ways of interacting.

After all to be able to communicate and share information we need to have a common set of values.If when I say 'bed' and you understand 'umbrella' while I mean 'chocolate' we will never be able to share an interaction. To be able to share an interaction we MUST both agree that bed means the specific object, and not something else.To be able to share thoughts through clear rules of communication is very important if the individual needs others to survive.

As humans we are in the middle of a food chain, we could be eaten by some animals as we can eat other animals. This means that we must act BOTH as a predator and hunter and as a pray and hunted. To survive we must be able to form a herd and find security within the growing numbers. This is why we need to be socially adept, to prevent ourselves from acting as predators/killers/ hunters against each other, because the instinct of the hunter exists and is just as strong inside us as is the instinct to be submissive and form a herd and find safety.So we create social rules, languages, and culture. This all works well when the human brain confines itself in the 'awake' and solid mode. There these rules and boundaries have concrete use and objective: survival.

But humans are not ONLY awake and solid. We need to exist also in a fluid state, the state of sleep where dreams, where all creativity, sensitivity, empathy, telepathy, even magic, mystery, the supernatural, etc can exist.This state is just as important and necessary as the awake state. Research has shown that no human being can function without sleep and that when one is prohibited to enter that state for an extended length of time the whole structure of the being can and will collapse.

This means that the dream state is just as fundamental to our existance as human beings as is the awake state.Yet, the dream state has received far less attention and value from the scientific and medical world. No one has studied how sleep affects physical healing, how sleep affects the cource of an illness, how sleep affects learning and so on. The research done on the effects of sleep (the initiator and facilitator of the fluid state) in our well-bing and lives in general.Instead this state of being is viewed as unreliable and even as a state of non-existance. Religion calls us to 'awaken', politics tell us to keep our eyes open for terrorists, teachers tell us to watch out for our children.

Being in the awake solid state has taken priority over everything else.

This is the state where the neurotypical mind is the most comfortable: out in the open and not 'hidden' in dreams.That is also why the neurotypical society is so male oriented. The male genitals are out in the open, exposed, vulnerable and visible. The male way of thinking is built to operate in the same way. A steed parades his 'maleness' throught the size of his antlers, an elephant bull through the size of his body and tasks, a lion through his mane. The males need to be able to view in clear and visible ways the maleness of their opponents. Why? because if they go up againsts a male that is far stronger than they are they risk severe injury and death. Now you can also understand why human males are so obsessed with the size of their maleness! It is something that is part of the male brain and being.

On the other hand, the female genital organs are hidden and internal and exist inside the femal body, just like the sleep state is internal and 'exists' inside the brain and it's not visible to the nakes eye. I will take this even a step further and note that the male orgasm is also a visible event as it produces ejaculation, while the female orgasm is an almost invisble event. The only signs that ARE visible similar to REM (Rapid Eye Movement) if one comes to think about it...

That is why the sleep and dream state, which mostly happens at night has been associated with the female gender. The night, the moon, intuition, empathy, witchcraft, etc. are all connected with the female and the hidden female organs. It was thought as magic when these hidden organs could suddenly produce a new human being! The male is associated with the awake state and the neurotypical society, and the female is associated with the (autistic) sleep and dream state.Especially since the domain of dreams has other rules and boundaries. This domain is the ORANGE.

For those who are in the awake solid state, the neurotypicals, the liquid fluid state is terrifying. It is like a pool of dark water (that almost resembles the female hidden genitals) that appears bottomless and scary. They do not dare deal with it let alone enter it and experience its benefits (just as a male feels an instinctive fear to enter the female - which fear is now abused by medical companies who produce pills like Viagra!). What one fails to realize, is that once one takes the risk and jumps in this fluid liquid matter, what one will find is a boundary-less concience, a world of intense connectivity as if everything becomes lucid and transparent and everything is sensed all at once.

This is because the element of water (like the water in the grey cells of the brain) is an amazing element of conductivity, electricity, electrical waves and electrical impulses. The kind of electricity that the brain uses to operate. The kind of electricity that the awake solid world also now uses to communicate: today's WiFi digital technology.

So we have an organ, the brain, that is able to produce, receive and transmit electrical impulses, that can operate in different wave lengths like the alpha, gamma, delta, etc. and has cells that are both liquid (grey cells) and solid (fatty white cells). We all know that water is a far better element to transmit electric impulses and electrical waves than is a solid form, actually a solid form can hinder, stop, eliminate the transmittion of the electrical impulses. We now also know that the Autistic (the ORANGES) brain has
an enlarged amount of grey cells, the water cells.

DO you already see where this is going?

Auties and aspies share the same culture, the culture of the fluid, liquid (and lucid) brain. The male dominant society of the neurotypicals that has taken over our culture will need to move aside and make place for the equally important female dominant culture of the intuitive, empathic and telepathic brain. It is time for the global human society to accept the fact that there are TWO genders and they both are equally important in the way they operate, in the way they think in the way the perceive reality and should BOTH be aknowledged in our human culture.

This the dawn of the Age of Aquarius and the male-female and female-male. The future belongs to bi-genders and the true unisexuality.

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