woensdag 2 januari 2008

The Other Side

When one hears "the other side," we all tend to think of the Moon. The other side of the Moon is probably the most well-known other side that there is.

Let's take a moment to ponder on that. We never speak of the other side of Earth, we say down under or northern and southern hemispheres, not the other side because we can't determine which the other side can be as we live on this round world that constantly turns, not only around itself but also around the Sun. That is why we also never say the “other side of the Sun.”

We go around it once every year and the Sun looks the same all around. There doesn't seem to be an other side as far as the Sun is concerned. So, when human beings looked up in the night sky and saw the ‘night sun’, the Moon bright as silver, compared to the gold of the sun-light, human beings at first assumed that the Moon like the Sun was the same all around. Then they realized that the Moon changes, becomes smaller changes shape, almost disappears completely in the Earth's shadow and then in appears again and begins growing.

If you think about it, the Moon when seen from the Earth looks very much like the pregnant belly of the female.

The womb, tiny almost invisible with a size that fits a pin head, can swell and grow as big as the full Moon in the late summer, early autumn sky, the time that the sawing of the fields of wheat could continue all through the night under the light of the Moon. The pregnancy of the Moon was associated with the fruit that the Earth gave to the human beings.

Fertility was associated with the female. The swollen, pregnant female body was the symbol of fertility. Many early religions acknowledged this by creating statues of goddesses with such round bodies. The big round body is the body of fertility, of plenty, of an easier time compared to the winter when food was scarce.

This also meant that if the Moon was seen as the symbol of the female, the counterpart to the Moon, the Sun thus became the symbol of the male. Like the Sun, the male does not have an other side. Like the Sun, which is exposed from all sides as we travel in an ellipse around it, the male genitals are also exposed. These do not have an other side.

An erect penis is as visible from all sides as the Sun is. The Moon though does have two sides. The visible side, the Full Moon, the female body in full glory, and an invisible side, as it appears in a Moon-less sky, eluding us making us think she has left us, abandoned us to like in the total darkness of the night. Without the Moon, the already hostile night, would become even more terrifying in total darkness.

Our fear of the dark is the fear that roots in the absence of the Female Goddess, the Mother represented by the (pregnant) Moon.

The female genitals also have an other side. Some of them are visible, while the rest are hidden inside the female body. They can only be 'seen'-as they are never really seen by being openly exposed, but 'seen' as making their presence known, when in action during pregnancy. Then one day the hidden organs make their debut performance by producing another human being.

Now if we think about it, while inside the womb, we lived in the other side. The body of the Mother constantly announced our presence through its shape, but we were unaware of that because we were inside, in the other side, in the dark. Not completely dark, because light seeped through just a bit to soften the darkness, like the Moonlight softens the dark night.

The presence of the Mother was all around us, we heard her heartbeat, we heard her voice, we felt her move, we were aware of her presence around and inside our being through her blood that fed us, and through our skin, and all our developing senses. She was everything there was. We existed inside her as ONE with her. So much as ONE, that we were actually an integrated part of her body. We had to be. If we were not a part of her body, her body would reject us, like it does with every foreign object.

The survival of the human body depends on this very clear rule. Foreign objects that enter the body will be attacked, killed and rejected. Yet, there is something that the human body does not want to neither reject, nor kill: the fertilized egg and then the growing fetus.

The ingenuity of the female body is truly a marvel.

It can trick its own self. The female body wants to both have and keep the fertilized egg, and allow the defense system to keep its optimum protection. To achieve both, the female body wraps the fertilized egg in a cloak that makes it invisible to the white blood cells that patrol everywhere searching for intruders.

To create a fetus, the female human body, makes an ovum, an egg, which is made of the same 'fabric' as the female body is. This egg is like a soap bubble. You can pierce it and enter it, yet it stays shielded. This last detail is important, because soon this bubble will have an extra tenant. It begins with a visit, from a swimming sperm, propelled by the power center of the sperm tail, the male mitochondria it collides with the egg and desperately seeks a way to get inside.

Like the soap bubble, when the sperm succeeds to enter, the outside of the egg shields hermetically. The arrival of the sperm and its occupancy inside the egg must be kept a secret or the body will lounge an attack against the sperm as it is a foreign object.

When the fertilized egg becomes a fetus the cloak is no more necessary. The fetus has the same mitochondria as the Mother's body and this tells the white blood cells that it belongs to the body, and it's not foreign. We exist for the length of the pregnancy in a state of absolute Oneness with our Mother. The same kind of Oneness that our soul or spirit lived with our Devine Parent, our God, Allah, Jehovah. The whole universe lived as a fetus inside the God Mother/Father Parent until it was born and existed.

Inside the Mother's body, we are invisible, yet visible through the protruding belly, we are part of the Female, and we are hidden like her genital organs. Once we are born, we enter the realm of the visible, the male, we are exposed like the male genital organs.

This is also how we have come to associate the Sun, the light, the day with visible, the male, the strong, the righteous, the good... And this is also how we came to associate the Moon, the absence of daylight, the absence of day, the absence of the visible, the absence of the male, the absence of the good...

We called the absence of the good bad, evil, wrong, weak, lesser. The female was robbed from her righteousness, her divinity, her power and her place in the order of the world. We human beings have been very rude to our Mother, who allowed us to exist inside her body, fed us and protected us, kept us safe even by tricking her own body. And this is how we, her children thank her. We make her into a witch, a spinster, a bitch.

We give her the name of the whore when she acknowledges her sexual urges and needs, we call her a devoted wife and mother when she sacrifices her own dreams and aspirations, ambitions, to serve her husband, the male, and support his dreams and aspirations and ambitions. He is visible. He goes out in society and becomes an integrated part, like a fetus inside the womb. But once he occupies that place, where is then place for the female to be?

She is made to choose.

Either spend her life trying to find a womb, a place in society like a man would and face all the discrimination, the lesser pay, the sexual harassment, the constant reminder that she is in the wrong ball game, or accept the only option still open and without a 'tenant': the home, her own self made womb, that she can get to decorate, clean, keep, and share with her husband, the male.

He does not seem willing to share the womb of society he is occupying with her. But, she is obliged to share hers with him, and the children. The choices a woman is offered are the ones a male does NOT want.

So it seems.

But let’s think for a moment. He does NOT want or is it canNOT have?

A man cannot get pregnant. He can't choose to have a baby, to be a Mother. He only has one choice after he grows up and is no more allowed to seek safety and comfort at the Mother. No more inside her womb, no more inside her arms as a baby, no more on her lap as a child. He can only seek safety and comfort by replacing the Mother's embrace with that of society.

He seeks there a source of nourishment. In the form of an income, a career, a place where he can 'grow' financially, in power, in size and ability. The male wants to have his genes implanted in the next generation. That is why he exists for in the first place. He exists because like the Sun produces constant bursts of energy, the male produces millions of sperms.

They urge him to plant them inside wombs. The male has the need to find a mother for his seed. The woman has a choice. She can accept or deny. This is why the Moon has an other side. The accepting Moon is the pregnant Moon, the Full Moon. The other is the Moon that rejects the Sun light as a female rejected the male sperm, the Dark Moon.

The dark is associated with rejection, an unpleasant feeling. A mixed message. The dark is the nourishing womb that allowed us to grow, and the dark is the painful rejection. This is how the female feels to the male. On one side, the female seems to hold the memory of his Mother, while on the other; she is the target of his need to procreate.

To the female, the male is more obvious. There is no other side of the Sun and no other side of the male. What a male is is obvious. His erect, ejaculating organ, is celebrated in ceremonies in Japan, was given almost godly status in Ancient Greece, and Viagra has come to prolong the image of procreating Utopia.

The male is made to parade his vitality, his strength, his potency. These are obvious signs that his genes are also potent. He wants to make the females choose him to mate with. He grows elaborate horns, tasks, manes, and feathers, to shout from the hills the quality of his genes.

Almost like the sellers in a market males advertise their products: take mine, chose mine, I have the best. It is all about the quality of genes because they are mighty valuable in the game of Life, which is called Evolution.

This means that a female must be equipped with another unique ability. She must be able to see, note and understand how to tell one male from the other. In their display of potency, a female must be able to recognize the small differences in size, ability, color, length, ingenuity. The female mind must be able to see these details and decode them.

Who is the best father for my offspring?

This is where, surprisingly, in many species suddenly the other side of the male-that was thought non-existent-appears. If the ‘father’ shows signs of tenderness and caring devotion towards the female, this tells the female that he is capable of showing the same qualities when it comes to her children.

Many think that women like strong aggressive men, yet surprisingly enough, it is the sweet shy guys that win many hearts. How is that possible, aggressive men wonder. We pump our muscles, we bully each other, we make wars and display our aggressive nature in all possible ways and the girls fall for the shy nerdy types!

It is simple gentlemen. If you are too aggressive, the female senses that you will treat with the same aggressiveness her children, and that means that you might harm them. Her instinct tells her that you are not a potential good father. This is not the past, when physical strength was a key to survival and aggressive behavior meant the difference between keeping the tribe safe and being taken slaves.

Today, in our modern world, aggressiveness is not a quality that wins the female hearts. The quiet shy guys, who were gentle and loving, took over. These were the generations of Aspies before anyone even knew what Autism was. They were the hippies that shouted "make love not war" in the 60s and 70s. Today we see the results. An epidemic as they call it of autistic offspring, and scientists wonder where all these kids came from.

Hmmm, look again gentlemen, look again!

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