zondag 27 april 2008

Women's influence on Baby's Gender...

... Is (finally) being taken into consideration, even if it is based on something that seems as unimportant as the mother's nutritional habbits around the time of conception and during pregnancy.

I have to admitt that this research is a step in the right direction, but there is still a very long way to go until science realizes HOW truly influential is the woman's contribution to the baby's gender. Something that, until now, was awarded to the male and father who -as science thought- determined the baby's gender through his sperm.
If an X sperm would fertilize the woman's egg then it would be a girl, and if it's a Y sperm, it would be a boy.

Based on this 'rusted' scientific assumption, the male and father was the sole contributor to the baby's gender leaving the woman's role to mainly be that of the womb that would carry the baby to term.

Now, it seems that this is old-fashioned idea will be changing. Finally, science is discovering HOW important a woman's and mother's contribution to humankind actually is, and it begins by also influencing her baby's gender.

Through this new information, based on something as simple as what kind of nutrition did the mother consume around the time of conception, and during her pregnancy, it seems that the mother's body has a lot more to say about the child's gender than science ever thought possible.
It is a scientific fact that what food we eat and what diet we follow, influnces our body's chemistry and the chemical reactions (communication) that take place between different organs, including our brain that influnces our emotions, as they too are chemical reactions. Food can play thus a vital role in the body's chemistry, and now it is also shown through this latest research that food can also play a role in the conception process.

What if the chemistry of the woman's body influnces which sperm (the X or the Y) gets to fertilize the woman's egg? What if the outer layer of the egg for example, based on this chemistry, plays the role of a bouncer and either permits or fences off the wanted or unwanted 'gender' of the sperm?

What if the woman's body, based on the food it eats -which food represents environmental conditions and give the body an indication of the 'outside' circumstances and conditions where the baby will be born- can decide what gender is necessary to either strengthen these outside circumstances and conditions or change them? Think about it for a minute...

The environmental changes in the water, earth, sun-light, and air - representing the four basic elements of water, air, fire and earth, are present in the food we eat as they influnce the quality and the chemicals present in what we eat that then enter our body and affect the chemical reaction within our body and now these chemical reaction can affect and also influence the gender of the child that a woman concives while living in these environmental changes.

A full circle!

This knowledge will not only change the way society perceives the females and maybe realize that it should be a female oriented society instead of the male oriented society it is today, since all of the male superiority and machoism all around the world is based on the fact that the male is the one that gives the world its two genders. Because until now we had to thank the male for other males and females being born, because ONLY the male has the two variations of X and Y in their genetic material that the new organism needs. The male sperm, thought science until now, was the sole determinant of which way the mix would go: a male child or a female child.

Surprise, surprise!!!

The new evidence shows that it may very well be that the male gets to offer both X and Y in his sperm, but ... it is the WOMAN'S BODY that decides which one will be accepted and allowed to fertilize the egg! The woman's body, and the chemistry inside that body form the link between environmental changes and the new generations, and that link is placed through the food we eat, because the food is the part of the environment that enters our body and 'changes it' accordingly to match whatever is happening in the environment.

And we thought that as civilized creatures we had escaped Darwin's profecy of the survival of the fittest, where the environment decides who exactly the fittest will be. Wrong. All we did with our civilization was affect the environment, which is now kicking back and showing us that we are all connected more than we want to know.

All these years, by disregarding the true contribution of the woman, the female, in the course of the humankind, we created the stage for situations to happen that we are now paying for. If we had realized how the environment influnces the very gender of each generation, and if so maybe think of what more might it be influncing (could autism be one of them? Actually yes, it is... more on this later) we might have been more careful of what we do with our water, air, soil and sun-light!!!

But maybe it is not too late. Finally the truth is out. I have foretold many times throughout my blog the rise of the female, the rise of the YIN, and the slow eclipse of the YANG!

The time has come for mankind to realize that we are entering an era that I call the 'Eclipse of the Male' and the 'Dawn of the Female'. The world needs women to take over and help the world heal, by nurishing it - the female nature is the nurishing that we all need.

Ladies, it is time for humanity to see, know, and realize HOW important is a woman, and how much she deserves a place -that is not just in word equal to the male- but in full practice.
It is us WOMEN who hold mankind's future in our bodies, it is us who have been neglected and abused and ruled over by male dominance because they thought we were just a hollow body that the male could fertilize and thus procreate.

Now, our importance and contribution is slowly surfacing. This research is a small step, a small step that is just as huge for humanity as the small step mankind took on the Moon ... Yes, the Moon, the symbol of womanhood and the female. Coincidence? Maybe not. The future will show.
Keep your eyes and ears peeled! This is my prediction: The future belongs to the FEMALE!

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