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This is what Autism is...

The problem is that the answer and solution that solves the AUTISM puzzle is not 2-dimentional but 3-D, it is a sphere and not a flat circle. If you are able to understand that extra dimension then I will be able to explain the whole puzzle to you.

Because it is a circle, there is also no beginning and no end, something like the "who came first the chicken or the egg". as language is 2 dimensional so I will have to 'limit' my reply to fit into that need.... while my normal mode of thinking in pictures is 3-D... yes, the pictures we auties think with are 3-D NOT 2-D as most NT scientists think, they are not flat pictures, they are images like we see in dreams they are 3-D... here is thus a new misconception about the autistic brain...

Let's say that the chicken came first.

Lets look at the female body and chemistry. We have two hormones the male and female hormones. For the female body NORMAL is a high level of estrogens and a low level of testosterone. NORMAL meaning a balanced state, a safe and survival enhancing state of being.

ABNORMAL is when the testosterone level raises. Adrenaline (and its by-product testosterone) is produced by fear, stress, anger, etc and creates an UNBALLANCED and thus also ABNORMAL state in the female body. the body knows (as well as the brain) that changes are necessary to preserve the state of being, and to survive. This state is 'toxic' to the body as it is to the brain, because it disturbes the perfectly balanced ecosysyem of the brain's chemistry!

The more the female body encounters situations of stress the more toxic traumas her body encounters. As I mentioned, her body keeps score of these toxic traumas inside the core of each cell - the mitochondria, by keeping an accurate account of each encounter and also of the level of adrenaline and testosterone it has produced, which allowed the organism to survive- the body then by knowing what amount of adrealine it needed to ensure survival, it can provide a better chance for its offsprings in the race that is called the survival of the fittest.

Why is this necessary?

For the needs of evolution and survival of the species. Because the next generation this female will produce will be 'fitter' to survive the stressful environment that the mother experiences, by having the ability to create, handle and produce even more adrenaline than the previous generation(s).

This means that the score of highest adrenaline level of the mother will be inherited in her embryo and it will 'help' her embryo to be the fitter if not the fittest that will survive by being the strongest due to the increased amounts of adrenaline that this embryo's body will be able to handle, produce, work with.

A old saying mentions that "at time of war, women give birth to warriors"...

Lets think about this: time of war is a stressfull time for the body of the mother. To be able to birth warriors, her body must tell the embryo that there is war going on outside. The female body communicates this environmental information through the hormones and the mitochondria that the female body 'gives' the embryo as it grows inside her.

Due to today's society, women face constant stress, stress that the male body can handle better as it is more comfortable with high levels of adrenaline and the testosterone it produces.... yet, we see that even men who encounter stress often get more heart attacks, have high blood pressure, etc.

This is a clear indication that stress, and thus its hormones adrenaline and testosterone, are TOXIC for the human body because they are meant to function as an alarm system to warn us when something is threatening us and protect us, but when abused, instead of protecting these same hormones begin to harm and even destroy the body!!!

Because adrenaline and testosterone are so closely connected to fear, which is the primary instinct of survival, when the fetus encounters the toxic effects of high, repeated and prolongued and 'attacks' of adrenaline and testosterone through its connection to the femal body, the fetus becomes like a junkie becoming used to the high levels, addicted to the high levels of adrenaline.

Thsese high levels have the following effect: They change the chemistry of the brain and body of the fetus. The fetus becomes a warrior. The fetus brain and body are created to feel constant 'fear' so as to learn from it, and better enhance his/her warrior skills (since fear is the basis of fast learning).

Unfortunately the effect has 2 sides.

The warrior is one side of the coin and the coward is the other. The autistics are either extreme warriors or extreme cowards (or what Baron-Cohen calls the extreme male brain = warrior, and the extreme female = paranoid and shut inside itself unable/unwilling to encounter the threatening world), or the effect is that of swinging endlessly between the two extremes and becoming fearless and then in an instant becoming coward by shutting off all reality and behave autistically excluding the world around it a world that is see as a war field that fills the person with constant fear...

But the fear is NOT real! The high adrenaline level gives the brain the illusion of fear because it can work as follows:

fear ==> adrenaline ==> sensation of fear,

but it can also work as follows:

Adrenaline ==> sensation of fear (without a real source of fear!!!)

That is why autistics live in contstant fear because we were 'told' during our development period (pregnancy) through the hormones/chemistry of body of the mother that the environment we will be born in, is in a state of war (stressful, harmful, fearful, etc).

For the brain to meet the survival challenge of being born in a world of war it needs to also adapt and change. The autistic brain is fundamentaly different from the non-autistic brain we know that, but you do not know how different, while I know exactly how different.

For a warrior to survive, he/she needs to do 2 things at THE SAME TIME fight one enemy, while also protecting his/her back from another. That is why the autistic brain is like a dual hard drive. Each hemisphere works BOTH with the other AND indipendently from the other!

We can do 2 things at the same time because we think in STEREO and not MONO.

The non-autistic brain works as ONE constatntly communicating between the 2 parts becaue each part can't work independently unless it is at a constant conversation with the other.

The autistic brain can work as 2 independent bains that only communicate to decide and agree which half will do what and then they work seperately and independently from the other this ability gives autistics the ability to think in STEREO AS EACH HALF WORKS AS ONE, AND ALSO WITH THE OTHER:

LEFT brain + RIGHT brain + BOTH brains together = 3 DIMENSIONS.
That is why the autistic brain needs less connections between the 2 hemispheres, it simply needs less communication between the 2 hemispheres. It saves energy by doing that!

That is also why the NT brain will NEVER understand what autism is.

The NT brain thinks in 2 dimensions, not 3-D. The only time the NT brain thinks in 3-D is when it is asleep in the REM state of sleep. If you look at the activity of the asleep NT brain and the activity of the awake autistic brain you will see what I mean.

Living in society that has a 2 dimentional perception of world, with a 3-D brain is what creates all the misconceptions about autism. The autistic brain is not disfunctional or disabled or abnormal, but simply stressed living in a world that limits our abilities and perceptions... almost the feeling of wearing a show that is too small!

That is also why autistics can think in pictures, since images are 3-D, while words are 2-D, and if you ever wondered how can God speak to each and every person no matter what language they speak, consider that God also communicates in pictures and speaks to us through these pictures or visions like the saints always mentioned...

By seeing an image everyone and anyone will know what it means no matter what language they speak.

Yes, the autistic brain is more in tune with the language of the God and the language of the universe than you might have ever imagined.

This is the key to autism. We are the children of fear, of stress and of evolution's need to create a being (a human being) that is fit to survive the levels of fear and stress that we were born from.

We are an enhanced model that is made to save mental energy by having a brain that works more efficiently once given the chance. I can show you dear scientists how to give the autistic brain a chance and you will get the nobel prise you so much want!

I know because as I said the autistic brain has enhanced tools to survive, one of them is the sixth sense, the telepathic ability that can be used to both hunt the enemy and also protect our backs.

The autistic kids who exhibit the so misunderstood autistic behavior are just warriors/cowards that are treated and brought up as mentaly retarded (for the autistic standards of brain ability).

Please believe me that what is happenning right now with the autistics all around the world is a crime, a crime against humanity, a crime against the human race itself, a crime against autistics who are seen as a 'stigma' a curse, an epidemic, a plague.

We are not a desease, we are not broken, we are just better, enhanced ... fear made us better so that the human race can survive. I am not arrogant. I am just trying to explain to you what is autism, or better HOW much misunderstood autism is...

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